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    Shift is a fragment of Metamorpho that formed it's own conscious and identity. Allowed to led his own life, Shift became a member of the Outsiders. Shift willingly reabsorbed himself back into Metamorpho after accidentally killing people during one of the Outsider's missions.

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    Shift is a member of the Outsiders. During his time with the team everyone, including himself, believed him to be Metamorpho, when in fact he was a piece of Metamorpho which had separated from his mass during his re-entry onto Earth. Metamorpho wants to assimilate Shift back with himself but later realizes that this part of him had made a life for itself. During this time Shift finds himself soul searching and trying to find meaning to his life. After spending time with Indigo he calls himself Shift, and both he and the android from the future forge a close friendship, which soon blossomed into love.

    During a surprise attack within the Outsiders, suspicions arise of a rogue member within the ranks. Around this time Roy Harper begins his interrogation of the Outsiders to find the culprit, while already suspecting Shift of being the double-agent. When he finishes his interrogation of the group and everyone comes out clean, he shoots Shift and accuses him of being the person to compromise their HQ.

    Fast Forward to Insiders/Outsiders. The team finds out that Indigo was a descendant of Brainiac from the future, sent to the past to stop Donna Troy from changing events. All the while the sweet and innocent Indigo changes into a more menacing adversary. During the teams scuffles with Indigo, she manages to regain herself long enough to ask Shift to kill her. With tears in his eyes and a heavy heart, Shift manages to turn Indigo's body to an organic matter and he watches her die instantly while mouthing off an "I Love You."

    Eventually Shift assimilates with Metamorpho unable to live with the fact that he'd killed several people, so Rex took Shift's place on the team.


    Shift is able to change almost anything into any elemental/organic compounds.


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