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S.H.I.E.L.D. #6

Hickman and Weaver's stellar series closes out its inaugural volume in high style! Things quit being philosophical and get physical as Davinci and Newton's armies clash in the City of the Immortals. Tesla's ready for round two with agents Stark of Richards. And the Forever Man reveals himself to a disillusioned Leonid. 
The Good 
Weaver does an excellent job of making this battlefield look like a real warzone. What could've easily been a Saturday night sissy fight between brainiacs really feels like an epic clash between two well trained, well armed armies.  
I like the choice that Leonid makes when he enters the fray.
We finally get answers on how Nikola Tesla came to be the Night Machine.  
I love the good cop, bad cop dynamic that Nathaniel and Howard have with one another. 
The reveal on who the Forever Man was blew me away! 

The Bad 
Waiting for the next volume to start is going to be torture.  
This series is really, really heady. If you want to get the most out of everything Hickman's stuffed into this doing a little independent research on these historical figures will do you a great deal of good.   

The Verdict 
With S.H.E.I.L.D. Hickman's created one the most intellectually stimulating, left of center and wonderful comics on the market today. I swear a book like this has no place at a company like Marvel. This title has the enchanting scent of early vertigo all over it. I've loved every issue and always managed to derive new enjoyment out of them every time I return to them. If you're in search of something that completely touts convention and will drag you in and never let go then check out this stunning series

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