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Nikola Tesla is a Beast!

So what can be said after finishing up the first volume of S.H.I.L.D.? well for one It seems that Jonathan Hickman took the concept of what mainstream Shield is supposed to be in theory and executed it out in a very interesting fashion. I think for one to really get into this series required some suspension of belief. Yes Nikola Tesla was going around blowing things up, yet did it make him any less awesome or fun to read? for me it didn't, but then it differs from person to person. In regards to the use of historical figures in human history to tell the story I really felt that when i picked up this series i wasn't reading anything really Marvel related. Yes there are cameos from Howard Stark, Nathanial Richards, and Galactus; however Hickman's writing did a very good job at separating the idea of problems being solved by Super Humans, and rather to be solved by man, through ingenuity, creativity, and a little faith. Ultimately What this story seems to be about is a clash of ideals.  Those said ideals being, to accept human destiny to a known fate and embrace it, or Whether to forge ones own destiny. In other words it feels like a combat of optimism versus pessimism. So to sum up what i am trying to say, are you going to have to think when reading this? Yes; but it goes without saying nothing is ever gained without work. However the thoughts and ideas do open a whole new world of fantasy.
Writing and Art wise this series did a very good job of keeping me interested. Dustin Weaver's art was constantly taking my breath away, especially during the action sequences. Likewise when Nikola Tesla entered the fray, Weaver drew him as a complete bad@$$ and that in itself is something to see. Storywise Jonathan Hickman introduces a lot of ideas, some you end up wondering Whoah! What!??! but in essence thats what made this series very enjoyable for me.

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