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In this issue, discover the secrets of Sir Issac Newton, see how Galileo defeated Galactus long before the Fantastic Four ever did and find out why Leonardo da Vinci traveled over 400 years to do.
Note: Isaac Newton's name is misspelled on the cover.

In the 1600's, Isaac Newton is taken to Rome on a sailing ship to the Immortal City where he meets Galileo.

1582 Rome: Glowing Michelangelo shows up while Galileo finishes the laser aimed at Galactus. This is the Greater Science.

750AD Baghdad: Abu Musa Al Azdi assembles a thousand men wired up to a device, but they all die and the device fails, leading to the Dark Ages of human understanding.

1582 Rome: Galileo’s machine is also hooked up to a massive group of men, but with Michelangelo’s help it works and blasts Galactus.

1625: Back with Isaac Newton, Isaac is sent to a snowy mountain range, to The Deviant City of Ashomia. He is brought before their ruler and then has intercourse with one of the monstrous deviants. Secretly he steals their knowledge: The Hidden Arts and leaves their city burning.

1652 France: Nostradamus is introduced to Isaac Newton who chains him up and takes him away. Isaac had discovered the Secret Alchemy - a liquid source of eternal life. 
1642 Rome: Using the time granted him by the liquid, Isaac Newton discovers The Quiet Math and The Silent Truth, leading him to kill Galileo.

1956 Rome: After feeling the ground shake, Newton returns to the main SHIELD council room where he sees Leonardo and Leonid.


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Review: S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 0

The Shield's secret history advances through the centuries as Galileo repels Galactus' first attack on Earth and Isaac Newton investigates the Deviants' kingdom.  The Good This is definitely a brainy read. It rewards you for paying attention and considering the implications of every carefully-chosen word. The best comparison I can make is to Darren Aronofsky's movie, The Fountain, in that they both address enduring philosophical issues through the lens of science fantasy in the way that's both ...

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