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Excellent, volume 2 is on! 2

This series is so intricate, and there are starting to be more and more connections with Hickman's other work. Look for the little nugget in the back pages which explains what Nick and Jake Fury found in the monastery in France in Secret Warriors #25!! There is just too much awesome happening in this issue. We find out more about Michelangelo and Leonid's true origin, and Stark, Richards and Tesla reappear at the end in a huge explosion. Weaver's art is very detailed and still great, but I liked...

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Time and Other Illusions... 2

Michelangelo reveals just how long his hidden hand's been guiding the world's destiny.   The Good  Oh how I've missed looking at these wonderful covers. Welcome back S.H.I.E.L.D. welcome back...God, I've missed you.The issue starts with another failed attempt by Leonardo to recruit Michelangelo. The dialog here was superb and the "holy frak!" face Weaver draws on Leonardo as he sees the true nature of Michelangelo is excellent.   As usual the issues skips around time. Hickman and Weaver continue...

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Yikes. My brain hurts, and I'm a Physicist! 2

   SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video!S...

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Dense, But Worth It 0

SHIELD is the smartest Marvel comic that I fear too few people are reading. Jonathan Hickman is quickly making his mark in Marvel history with creative, intricate, and very cool stories.I admit that this book is up my alley precisely because of its subject matter (natural philosophers, Renaissance men, and complex, secret cabals), but anyone looking for a mature (with respect to complexity, not blood/sex) story should catch up on Vol. 1 and pick up this issue.It goes without saying that Hickman'...

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