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    The Shi'ar are an alien race of avian descent and one of the most powerful empires in space.

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    The Shi`ar race starts at about 1200 years age (Earth Time) they were nearly extinct by the alien race called the Mephistoids. They worship the "Married Gods" Sharra and K`ythri. They are the cousin race to the Spartoi.

    They are ruled by an Emperor (the Majestor) or Empress (Majestrix) who command an military might and an intergalactic multi-alien race space team dubbed The Imperial Guard. The capital planet of the Empire is Chandilar.

    D'Ken was Majestor when the Shi'ar first came into contact with Earth. He would eventually go into a coma while trying to gain power from the M’Kraan Crystal.

    D'Ken's sister Lilandra would gain control of the empire, but her sister Deathbird would overthrow her and reign control of the empire for a time. Unlike her brother and sister, Lilandra rules with a more peaceful galactic stance. When D'Ken awoke from his coma, a civil war would break out, led by those who wanted their strong expansionist rule back.

    Lilandra would go into exile but D'Ken's rule would be short lived when he would offer a joint rule with Vulcan. Vulcan killed D'Ken and became Majestor.

    Major Story Arcs

    War of Kings

    After Vulcan took control of the Empire, he waged war with the Kree Empire, who was being ruled by the Inhumans. The Shi'ar-Kree War was also known as the War of Kings. After the assassination of Lilandra, civil war broke out on Chandilar. At the end of the war, the Inhumans detonated a massive bomb known as the T-Bomb, which destroyed nearly all of the Shi'ar fleets. The Shi'ar unconditionally surrendered the war, ceding control to the Inhumans. Gladiator was named Majestor, but he would still report to the Inhumans.


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