Shi'ar Death Commandos

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    A group of Shi'ar professional killers. They killed all the members of Jean Grey's family (including her parents) except for Rachel Grey. The Shi'ar sanctioned the murders in order to ensure there would be no new host for the Phoenix force after Rachel would die.

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    Serving the interests of the Shi'ar Empire, the Shi'ar Death Commandos are a secret elite military unit composed of various alien warriors that come from within the entire Shiar empire. They are sent to Earth to eradicate the Grey family, in the hope that the Phoenix Force entity will be deprived of potential hosts. Rachel Grey is especially of a high interest and importance and she was branded by the leader of the Shi'ar Death Commandos Blackcloak. This brand burned on to her back allowing the Shi'ar to continuously track her where ever she is at all times. They are successful in wiping out almost all those biologically related to Rachel Grey at a Grey family reunion. The Shi'ar Death Commandos receive orders, commands and answer to the high ranking Shi'ar leader Araki.   


    Created by Chris Claremont and Chris Bachalo, the Shi'ar Death Commandoes first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #467 released in 2006. They are comparable to their fellow Shi'ar super team the Imperial Guard with differences being the Death Commandos being more secretive and specialized. A black ops Shi'ar team.    

    Powers and Abilities 

    The Shi'ar Death Commandos are a diverse collection of alien races, with their powers seemingly amplified with technology. It is possible that each member may be replaced with another member of their species should they be killed. 

    Known Members 

    Black Cloak is the leader of the Shi'ar Death Commandos and their field leader. He has the power of energy blasts and a powerful spear with can teleport or wound enemies. He is clad in dark armor.
    Colony is a collection of sentient bug like creatures acting with a unified hive mind, allowing the being to act and appear as one sole singular sentient being.  
    Devo can create powerful force fields. He may also penetrate his own force fields injecting a toxic gaseous like substance harmful to its occupant.   
    Sega appears as a cloud like, sentient gaseous being that can spread itself over distances, and even explode.   
    Hypernova can fire powerful energy blasts that dissolve her enemies. Hypernova can kill with such powerful blasts and she is also agile.  
    Krait has super speed, super strength, enhanced durability and the power of flight due to his massive wings. Krait has dangerously sharp claws.  
    Offset appears insectoid, with a grasshopper like head, and four arm appendages. She uses blades in combat.    
    Shell is a sentient like rock create whose mass can be added to or decreased with the addition or subtraction or more rock like substance. Super strong and also super durable. 
    Flaw is a Warskrull who appears to have had his powers enhanced with technology. 
    Warshot is the teams weapon expert, using high tech weapons to aid his expert marksmanship.  

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