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Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives #1

I'm a big fan of the James Moriarty character and I'll inevitably read/watch just about anything where he's a feature. With that, I did enjoy reading this incarnation of the character. It's a fun story.

It's the first of a five issue mini series. It kicks off with Moriarty washing up alive (after his fight with Holmes at Reichenbach Falls) at some creepy Germanic-styled town. Then after some altercations with the 'hostile locals'. He's embroiled in a supernatural/occult themed story where he has to act a bit more benevolent than he is used to.

This Moriarty is basically a bad guy version of Robert Downey Jr/Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. He deduces and gets into fistfights. He one-liners tavern wenches ect. It's not a particularly cerebral comic but it is enjoyable. If you like that tv show Sherlock or the above mentioned 'Sherlock Holmes' movies. You'll do just fine.

The art is serviceable. Nothing fancy but does do a good job of making everything feel Victorian. The guy who penned the story is called David Liss. Liss is pretty good at writing period-set fiction. It's kinda his thing. So he handles the old-timey dialogue required rather well.

My only real complaint is that this would be a much better read as whole story in trade. Rather than issue to issue. I'm gonna keep it on my pull as I've went and bought the first one but that's the only reason really.

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