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Shepherd was once a goat before becoming a lesser servant of the Red. He is now the shepherd of the Bone Orchard in the Underlands of the Red.


Shepherd was created by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Steve Pugh.

Major Story Arcs

Extinction is Forever

For further information: Animal Man

Shepherd is the first to greet Buddy Baker when he arrives in the Red after his body is taken over. At first he laughs at Buddy's demands to take him to the Totems until he realizes he is the father of Maxine Baker, avatar of the Red. Shepherd guides Animal Man to the Sea of Blood where they set a drift on a raft. Along the sea they come across a small island made up of the Rot. As Shepherd and Buddy climb aboard the island they are attacked by small Rotling creatures. They become overwhelmed by the swarm but are saved by the Warriors of the Redlands. Once safe they escort Shepherd and Buddy to the Kingdom of the Red to meet with the Totems. Shepherd is not permitted to enter with being summoned and sends Buddy off on his own.


The Shepherd has taken up residence in the remaining stronghold of the Red that the Totems created and he greets Buddy eagerly upon seeing him.

Powers & Abilities

Shepherd displayed moderate fighting abilities for his size during the attack by the Rotlings and seems to be proficient with his staff but any powers beyond that have remain to be seen.


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