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    Shendu is a Dragon Demon sorcerer. He first appeared in the first episode of Jackie Chan adventures. His powers were scattered into twelve talismans. So he was imprisoned in a statue state.

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    Powers and Abilities

    Shendu is the demon sorcerer of fire and a dragon as well. His natural power is based on his strength as a dragon and his fire breath. Like his siblings he specializes in one of the elements. Unlike his demon brethren , Shendu draws power from additional sources. The 12 Talismans that represent the Chinese Zodiac reside in Shendu's body, and give him additional power per talisman, making him extremely powerful. Shendu is capable of performing magic naturally, being able to defeat Daolong Wong in magic. Another unique power is the ability to summon his Dragon Minions. Shendu's final acquired ability comes from the Oni Mask that he took from Japan. This allows him to summon one of the nine tribes of Shadowkhan as his personal ninja assassins.


    Dragon Talisman - The ability to project a combustible energy blast from ones hands. This talisman is very closely related to Shendu since he is a dragon himself. This ability is similar to the Pig though more destructiveand less precise.

    Dog Talisman - The gift of immortality, with the Dog Talisman Shendu is functionally immortal and cannot be killed by any means, though he can be subdued. When Combined with the Horse Talisman the user is then immune to taking damage as no wound can kill them due to the Dog and the Horse will heal all damage.

    Horse Talisman - The gift of healing, with the Horse Talisman Shendu will heal from any wound or any sickeness. When Combined with the Dog Talisman the user is then immune to taking damage as no wound can kill them due to the Dog and the Horse will heal all damage.

    Monkey Talisman - The power to change yourself or anyone else into any animal, the Monkey Talisman allows Shendu to assume the form of any animal and to change anyone else into any animal he can think of.

    Ox Talisman - The power of super strength, with the Ox Talisman, Shendu doubles his strength. Jacke Chan with the Ox was able to match Shendu's physical strength.

    Pig Talisman - The gift of heat vision, with the Pig Talisman Shendu can project beams of intense heat from his eyes. This ability is similar to the Dragon though more precise and less destructive.

    Rabbit Talisman - The power of super speed, with the Rabbit Talisman Shendu can move super humanly fast, appearing as a blur to most people. Combined with the Rooster Talisman this allows Shendu the power of self propelled flight.

    Rat Talisman - The power to bring motion to the motionless, with the Rat Talisman Shendu can bring to life inanimate objects to life. The object, usually a doll, toy, or statue, will then behave and believe themselves to be whatever they were as a statue. This will also be endowed with powers equivalent to how the original was.

    Rooster Talisman - The power of levitation, with the Rooster Talisman Shendu can levitate himself, others, or objects by thought alone. Combined with the Rabbit Talisman this allows Shendu the power of self propelled flight.

    Sheep Talisman - the power of astral projection, with the Sheep Talisman Shendu can project his astral self into the world where he can interact with peoples dreams and inhabit hosts who have lost their astral self.

    Snake Talisman - The power of invisibility, with the Snake Talisman Shendu can completely turn invisible to the naked eye. It is unknown if things like thermal vision can negate this ability.

    Tiger Talisman - The power of spiritual balance, with the Tiger Talisman Shendu is able to maximize the abilities of the other 11 Talismans. Due to being cracked in the middle anyone who holds the tiger Talisman when it splits will themselves be split into their yin and yang halves.


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