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Shen Chi is the grandson of Rahul Lama, and has mastered his grandfather's form of empty hand and weapons form that dates back to a time before Buddha. Shen and his grandfather live at 37 Rue De Champlain in Paris, France, but when Rahul Lama passes on, Shen plans on opening chains of schools to teach his grandfather's style.

Shen is a smart athletic teenager who learned English from the movies and smoked American cigarettes.


Shen was created by Chuck Dixon for his 1991 Robin mini-series.

Major Story Arcs

Robin: A Hero Reborn

For more information see: Robin

When Tim Drake comes to Paris to learn from the Master Rahul Lama, he is surprised to be greeted by Shen Chi. Shen shows him to his room and informs him that his training will begin the next morning. Then while Tim trains with Master Rahul, Shen translates. Once Tim learns about healing from Master Rahul, he spars with Shen, but Shen pulls no punches and Tim is forced to use Rahul's healing techniques on himself later that night. That is where Shen finds Tim and the two go out for a night on the town. While at a club Tim is approached by a girl but when Shen tries to step in, she kicks him and breaks his finger. Tim unaware of this leaves with her and leaves Shen at the club on his own.


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