Sheila Danning

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    Sheila Danning accompanied a photographer to take pictures of CTE's security chief Hawkeye, just after he had caught a band of thieves who had broken into a CTE building. Sheila was impressed with Hawkeye's abilities, and he gladly allowed her to take his picture.

    Sheila later met up with Hawkeye at the end of one of his shifts so that they could go on a date. He took her back to his apartment, showered, and danced with her. As they danced, she asked him about his past, and he related his origin to her. Just as they began to settle down, Hawkeye was called away when his emergency beeper went off, as someone had just broken into a CTE plant.

    Hawkeye dealt with the infiltrator, the ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Mockingbird, and returned to Sheila. However, he felt uneasy about his encounter with Mockingbird, and returned to CTE to see if her allegations that CTE was corrupt were true. He found himself attacked by his own security force, but they forced him to surrender by threatening Sheila.

    Hawkeye was thrown into a pit with Mockingbird, and demanded to see Sheila. Sheila came to the edge of the pit and revealed to him that her job had been to keep him busy so that he wouldn't realize what CTE was involved in. She also mocked the origin story he had told her, as she cared nothing for him. She left as other CTE agents began to pour toxic sludge into the pit.

    However, Hawkeye and Mockingbird escaped the pit, and Hawkeye returned to his apartment to face Sheila. He felt like killing her for what she had done, but instead reclaimed his bow and arrows and left. Sheila warned him that no matter where he ran, CTE would find him.


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