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Sheena was found in the woods by the Chief of the mystical village of Mizuho where she was raised as his daughter. She failed making a pact with the summon spirit, Volt, which resulted in over a quarter of Mizuho's population dying, and the chief being put into a coma. She was given the mission of assassinating the Chosen of the world of Sylvarant in order to prevent her world from collapsing.

Major Story Arcs

Tales of Symphonia

Sheena is first met on the Ossa Trail where she tries to kill Colette. Sheena is defeated by the team but swears revenge and escapes. She encounters the team once more in the Balacruf Mausoleum. She loses the fight once again, but this she is asked why she is doing this. She reveals to the team that if she fails to kill Colette, her own world will perish. Sheena is found in the destroyed town of Luin where she is injured after trying to protect the city from the Desians from the Asgard Human Ranch. Sheena agrees to join the party to help stop the Desians. The group now infiltrates and attacks the Asgard Human Ranch where they kill Kvar, the leader of the ranch, and save the prisoners. Sheena agrees to permanently join the group after seeing the Chosen one isn't a bad person at all. With Colette's condition worsening after breaking the seals, the group finds a unicorn stuck under water. She comes up with the idea to make a pact with the water summon spirit, Undine. She successfully makes her first pact.

At the Tower of Salvation, the group is defeated by Cruxis, but they are saved by the Renegades and their leader, Yuan. She helps them escape and gets them to the world of Tethe'alla, Sheena's world. When they get to Tethe'alla, she leaves the group in the city of Meltokio so that she can go report her failure of assassinating Colette to her village. Sheena later reappears to save the group in the city of Sybak when they are being attacked for betraying the king and having two half-elves on their team. She helps stops the execution of the Sage siblings.

After the rescue, the team is on the run, so they head to the Gaoracchia Forest where they are attacked by Regal Bryant, another person trying to assassinate Colette. After his defeat, they take him prisoner, and Sheena finds no other option than to take the group to Mizuho. When she arrives in the village, she is given a new mission: to follow the team as a representative. She is also told she must make a pact with Volt, the same spirit that she failed on years ago. The group heads to the Temple of Lightning where they find Volt. He attacks the group and is about to kill them, but Sheena's long time friend and personal summon spirit Corrine, jumps in the way and sacrifices himself for the team. Fueled by rage, Sheena overcomes her fear and attacks Volt. The group defeats him, and Sheena forms a pact with him.

Sheena and the group go around making pacts with all of the Summon Spirits. After the final pact, the Great Kharlan Tree, the tree that produces the mana for the worlds, becomes unstable. In order to stabilize the tree down, Sheena uses the power of the Summon Spirits to make a mana cannon, and they are able successfully calm the tree down. When Colette falls even more sick due to her illness, one of the villagers by the name of Kuchinawa is revealed to be a traitor. Sheena fights him and defeats him. This causes him to leave Mizuho.

A half elf they picked up by the name of Mithos betrays the group and he is revealed to be the head of Cruxis. When they head to the Tower of Salvation, Zelos, the Chosen of Tethe'all, betrays them. This shocks every one as they try and get to Mithos but fall to traps, one by one. It is revealed that Zelos actually saved all of them from their would be deaths, as he was playing double agent. After the initial defeat of Pronyma and Mithos, Kratos appears and says Lloyd must kill him before the true final Summon Spirit, Origin. Mithos possesses Colette's body, and they head to Derris-Kharlan where they have the final battle with Mithos. After a grueling battle, Mithos is defeated. He tells them that he does not regret his decisions, as he did it for the love of his sister. Sheena and the rest watch on as Lloyd destroys Mithos' Cruxis crystal so he may finally rest peacefully. Sheena and the rest of the group watch as Lloyd and Colette fuse the two worlds back together with the power of the Eternal Sword and new Great Seed. After the adventure, Sheena heads back to Mizuho where she claims that she still has a lot of work to do to make the village more known and one to be recognized.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Two years after the events of the worlds fusing back together, Sheena returns to help save the world once more. She appears in the Temple of Ice to save Marta Lualdi. She hears of Lloyd's recent behavior and decides to follow the group to find what is wrong with him since he is supposedly behind the mass slaughter of Palmacosta. She helps defeat the Vanguard and stop Richter. She tells Emil that they have become friends, and after the final battle, she meets with the group again to meet Martel by the new World Tree. Martel tells them the name but says it must remain a secret to protect it from harm.

Powers and Abilities

Sheena has been trained in the Igaguri style for years and has come to be a highly skilled fighter. Her weapons of choice are paper seals, which she is capable of of using them in a variety of ways. She can use them for elemental type attacks, spell casting, healing, resurrections, melee damage, and explosions just to name a few. She is also highly agile, showing use of extreme acrobatics. This compliments her fighting style of following in the ninja arts well. Also due to her training, she is adept in hand-to-hand combat. She has been shown fighting groups of armed soldiers just using her martial arts abilities. With a combination of her ability to fight and her powers, Sheena single-handedly once protected an entire village against a bunch of armed soldiers for an extended period of time before her injuries caught up, and she needed to be saved.

Despite mainly using her summoning abilities and manipulation of her paper seals, Sheena also possesses various other ninja abilities. Due to her training, she knows other commonly used abilities, such as substitutions. If someone gets attacked, she can plant a fake in an instant. She can also do the disappear or reappearing trick in a cloud of smoke. Sheena's most powerful ability is her ability to make pacts with Summon Spirits. This allows her to summon the governing bodies of elementals, and even the supposed ruler of all, Origin. Sheena also possesses the ability to use her summon spirits and channel their mana to fire a powerful beam of pure energy.

And due to Sheena's use of an exsphere, she is granted low level superhuman stats. She has been shown attacking enemies in short bursts of speed before they can react. She has knocked grown men dozens of feet with a single strike. And she has shown she can survive falls that would kill a normal person without any issues.


Sheena's primary weapons are paper seals that come with various properties depending on the seal itself. These seals can have elemental properties to them such as causing wind damage, or burning damage or electrical, and even cause holy or darkness types of damage. Sheena can cause seals to copy themselves to create more than one. These seals can explode upon impact, trap opponents in wind bubbles and lift hundreds of pounds from a distance. The seals can grant other users various elemental types of damage, cause enemies to become less durable, lose accuracy, and she can resurrect fallen allies.

Other Versions

Sheena appears in the Tales of Symphonia OVA that has been released in Japan due to the video game's popularity. The OVA follows the same story as the video game.


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