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The Voyages of The SheBuccaneer begin with the death of her one true love, Captain Calico Jack Rackham. In the depths of despair, she is lured into the tombs of Eden and offered a deal with the devil for the release of Jack's soul. She sets out to find seven gemstones, hidden among the fabled seven seas. When she gets all the stones, she plans to return to Adam and Eve's tomb, open the gate to the tree of life and free her beloved from hell's grasp. 


SheBuccaneer was created by Will Hughes and Larry Byrd. The SheBuccaneer was first published by Monster Comics in 1992, in a two issue mini-series.At the time Hughes didn't planned on to produce a full comic book. SheBuccaner came about when Hughes approached the publisher with a pirate girl with twin Jolly Roguers for their Swimsuit Issue, but there was no space for the character in the book. However, the publisher was wiling to take on the lusty lady as a comic book series. 

Character Evolution

Major Story Arcs


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