She-Hulk #11

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The Good

It’s always unfortunate when, whether it be due to creator difficulties, lack of sales or some combination, a series with a ton of potential comes to a premature close, but that seems to be what’s happening with SHE-HULK. One of the most unique, visually interesting and conceptually fascinating series on the shelf will shortly end, but it’s clear that Charles Soule and Javier Pulido, along with Muntsa Vicente, aren’t resting on their laurels. One of the most enduring mysteries since the series began has been the Blue File and we’re finally getting some closure on it. What we’re also getting is something that this series has used very sparingly and that’s some solid, smash mouth ACTION. This entire issue is essentially one long fight and it’s a DOOZY. It's the ENTIRE supporting cast of regular characters battling Titania and Volcana, and it's an incredible scene overall. Soule peppers in enough dialog to keep the plot moving at a good clip and also keeps the readers’ interest in who and why these things are happening. It’s to this issue’s credit, as well, that since there’s been so little head-to-head fights in this issue that when one breaks out, it’s impact is immediate and attention-grabbing.

Part of that is also due to Pulido’s wonderfully surreal visual language, again recalling the look, feel and even pace of a Silver Age comic, but bringing it forward to a more modern, breakneck impact and tone. The fight also has a tremendous sense of vastness and an epic feel thanks to some creative uses of a map of New York (complete with names of various landmarks and districts). The use of long-distance shots, as well, lend a real “big fight” feel to the entire issue. When She-Hulk and Titania finally clash, it feels like two worlds colliding despite it being two B-list brawlers fighting for not-terribly-clear reasons (though that obfuscation is part of the storyline). Vicente’s colors lend a bold, gorgeous look tone to it as well, bringing out the vibrant brightness of the linework and, again, making the whole thing feel like a throwback with a truly modern sensibility.

The Bad

There’s a section at the middle of the issue, just as Shulkie and Titania start to throw-down, where the fight is interspersed with a LOT of dialog and it really adversely affects the pace. It’s well-written and totally in keeping with the characters, but it makes the start of the fight move at a glacial pace.

The Verdict

Whew! Quite the issue and the beginning of what looks to be a truly worthy send-off. The fight itself is fantastic, the reveals are shocking (the one at the very end is an especially great payoff for longtime fans), and the entire issue manages to feel at once whimsical and deadly serious. We even get more out of Angie and Hei-Hei! Including a rather surprising appearance from the latter that I’m actually amused at the lack of shock for. She-Hulk’s seen a lot, and it takes quite a bit to legitimately surprise her and frankly I love how that’s represented here. It’s a great fight and an amazing character piece, one that should be hastily consumed by anyone who’s a fan of this book.

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It's that art style. I think that had a major factor in people not being interested in this series.

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@ostyo: At first I didn't like the art so much, but now I'm getting the first volume. It reminds me of indie stuff. Maybe mainstream people aren't use to it.

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Yeah I think it's the art. I initially thought it was terrible but now looking at is very indie style. I think there is this disconnect between the very beautiful Kevin Wada covers and the more indie style interiors. The package isn't complete, when we pick up the book based off the great cover and the style inside is just so different. I think once you get past that it might be fine.

I'd rather have Kevin Wada do the whole thing or Munsta do the covers as well.

It's kind of like Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol where Bisley did all the covers but they were so unrelated to the art inside.

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I was curious about this, but after she folded against Tony Stark I lost respect and affection for the character and I don't have the money to keep up with characters on the off chance that they'll be written well again after having been written badly.

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I hated the art but now I am getting used to it...

Shame it's going

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The new Star Wars next month is hardly going to make me not cry when I buy the last issue of this series.

I wonder what they're going to replace my print sub with ... probably a Guardians book, since, you know, Gamora also has green skin. It's not the same. Oh, Jen ...

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I could never quite get in to She-hulk but she does have her fans and the book itself wasn't that bad. I hope we'll be seeing her at least doing guest appearances in other titles instead of merely being "put in to bus" and forgotten with the (so far) last issue of her solo title.

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@fables87: I've gotten indie stuff and some of it is quite good art wise. However, bad art is bad art.

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You know reading about this it sounds interesting but when i see the art i just wanna puke. In another reality in another universe, where mutilation is legal i would take a Maul and crush his hands on sight just to make sure he cant illustrate another comic. Shout to Pulido, big up your self.

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