She-Hulk what if?

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What if Betty Ross had been in the Gamma Explosion instead of Bruce Banner?
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Good question, I would say that General Ross would go into a depression, Bruce would feel guilty about being the reason Betty is a monster, and Betty would run-a-way to somewhere isolated.

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Now that would be a great What If?

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@Rothschild: Too true!
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@Rothschild said:

Now that would be a great What If?

I concur!
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It would be some what of the events on Ultimate Hulk Vs Wolverine... would it not?

Earth-1610 Ultimate
Earth-1610 Ultimate
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@sora_thekey said:
" It would be some what of the events on Ultimate Hulk Vs Wolverine... would it not?

Earth-1610 Ultimate
Earth-1610 Ultimate
Nice shades
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What if she had married Spider-man?

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A relationship between Jenn and Peter can happen in the background. And I mentioned that it would fall in the Betty Brant category, meaning they HANG out once a month. And to insure that the date is private, Jenn stays in her human form for a day. Thus, the hanging out could be handled in the same manner as Betty Brant.

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So as in instead of a Hulk there was a She-Hulk, but not Jennifer Walters but as Betty Ross? Well for starter's it would mean that there would be no Jennifer Walter's She-Hulk as the only reason she was 'made' was because of her family relationship with Bruce and the fact he was the Hulk. I think that Bruce would spend a lot of his time trying to cure Betty and as he is an expert in that field would probably achieve it, but not for a little while. General Ross would probably freak out and try and contain her, or I imagine initially try to hide her, but her being what she is - a rampaging Hulk - that would be unlikely to work. Theoretically I think a lot of the things that happened to the Hulk would happen to the Betty-Hulk, but with less aggression from General Ross and more PMS jokes.

As for what would happen if Spider-Man and Betty-Hulk got married, @primmaster64, I presume that they would be like any other married couple, but way cooler. Personally I am not that well acquainted with Betty Ross as a character, much preferring our green She-Hulk to the the red, so I couldn't speculate exactly what their relationship would be like. But if Jen-Hulk was to marry Spider-Man then that would be another story entirely. They are both very sarcastic characters and I think that their relationship would be full of practical jokes and sexual innuendos. As friends they are effective, and they play off each other very well, but other than their humerous banter I don't know how much they have in common. I can't see them together romantically. Jennifer is 30 or something, right? And I will always picture Spider-Man as a teenager. Not that that kind of age difference is not allowed, but in my mind they are at different stages in their lives. Besides, on a biological level, I feel that Jennifer's gamma-irradiated blood would somehow not mix well with Spider-Man's radiation, so their relationship would just be a time bomb ticking down before one of them has an adverse effect.

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