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Longshot or Linda ?


The idea of the sucess of the Skrull invasion of earth depending on "Longshot" and X-Factor members being able to deliver a serious blow to the invasion amazes me. I doubt that Marvel would allow Monet St Croix be the sole reason earth fends off the Skrulls but as a die hard X-Factor fan i would love to see the team play a bigger part in saving the world (Because Reed Richards hasn't been much use)


One reason this issue of She-Hulk can't be given 5 stars.....Cucca. In all my time i haven't ever seen such bad drawings and varied drawings of one character in a single issue. In one scene if i didn't already know wiser uldn't e difficult to mistake Longshot for a woman.

With my only critism out of the way, wow. I've never been a big fan of She-Hulk but if every issue is as rich in humour, qaulity scripting and gipping endings as this issue was then i am now converted. David never fails to amaze me and this is no exception.

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