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She Hulk 28

Peter David's run on Shulkie has not met total critical approval, being in the shadow of Dan Slott's stunning run.  However, he's a good writer and you back class.  And this is the best issue yet of his run.  As Englentine says, there are some many characters running around it can get confusing and David has deliberately withheld information fron this storyline (regarding how Jen was debarred).  However, six issues in, things are beginning to become clearer as we meet the judge who barred Jen from practice as well as encountering the oddly named Bran Murphy once again.  The relationship between Jen and Jazinda feels like it's really gelling now, so there's good dialogue and interaction between the characters.  There are some good gags too, including the return of the whole did she/didn't she sleep with Juggernaut thing.  It seems apparent that David will be tying up lots of loose ends soon.  Anyone who gave up when Slott disappeared to Brand New Day, things are coming together nicely again.  So stick with it!

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