She-Hulk #27

    She-Hulk » She-Hulk #27 - Friends in Need released by Marvel on May 2008.

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    She-Hulk's quest to re-discover her inner hero takes her back to her old law firm and back to face Tony Stark when an innocent bystander from her previous mission finds himself wrongly accused for murder. Can she put the past behind her?

    Plot synopsis - spoilers ahead

    Jen and Jazinda continue their quest to look for the mysterious bomber named Bran. In Ohio, they stop at a gas station, with Jen prodding Jazinda about telling the truth and how she managed to resurrect herself like that. Jazinda refuses to tell and Jennifer realises that she'll tell when she's ready to tell. Just then, Jazinda calls out to Jennifer, asking to watch what's on the television: a report about Laurence Ryan, the man from the issue before who had his wife killed. The captain of the police force talks to the reporters, telling them that apparently is was space aliens who had done the murder. Some bank robbers then yell, "This is a stick up!" causing Jennifer to turn into She-Hulk and dispatch them.

    The both of them make their way to Allentown, where they she finds Laurence in a jail cell. He blames her for this and realises that heroes aren't out there to save; there's just destruction wherever she goes. She-Hulk then swears to herself that she'll get him out of there, but thanks to the emotion, she ends up breaking the jail door, looking as if she was breaking him out of the jail, when she really meant she wanted to get him out of the situation. Just then, many of the SWAT surrounds her and the both of them end up in jail. The police captain then makes his way to the jail cell and tells Jennifer to stand up. It turns out that the captain was really Jazinda and gives her a mobile phone.

    At court, the judge dismisses her to the back of the court, and Jennifer is angered by this. She looks at the public defender who is totally unprepared and says that if she was his lawyer, she would be all over this. Looking at the prosecutor, she attacks viciously, with the public defender being unable to put in a sentence, when Mallory Book comes in to represent Ms. Ryan. She-Hulk, surprised but relieved, thanks God that she came. Mallory tells the judge that the alien invasion was in fact true, and that she has someone who can provide proof for that: Iron Man. Tony tells the judge about the aliens, and how he had come across them. He adds that Laurence had in fact fought back a possible alien invasion. The judge rethinks and dismisses Laurence as innocent. As the court case finishes, people surround Iron Man for an autograph. She-Hulk looks on with hatred, about all the pain he's caused for heroes. Iron Man then gives her an "autograph", which turns out to be a note that says, "I'm sorry." Laurence then catches Jennifer on the way out and tells her that her "friend" had come to help her. Mallory, insulted by such titles tells Jennifer that she is not her friend; the only reason why she came was to see Jennifer squirm.

    Later at night, Jazinda and Jennifer talk about the note. Jazinda asks if Iron Man had actually meant it with the sorry note. Jennifer says that he probably did mean it and ponders about her friends betraying her, and the people who can't stand her helping her out at the strangest times. Jazinda, out of the blue, then says, "I can't die." Jennifer, taken a-back by this asks her to rephrase. Jazinda goes to explain that she can't die, and that's the reason why her race had thought she betrayed them. Jazinda then says she'll explain more later and that she'll drive. While driving, Jennifer throws the note out the window. The RV stops and Jennifer walks out to pick up the note, saying that she shouldn't have littered. Jazinda asks if that's the reason why she's smoothing the crunched up the note out, with Jennifer replying, "Shut up."



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