She-Hulk #26

    She-Hulk » She-Hulk #26 - The Whole Hero Thing, Conclusion released by Marvel on April 2008.

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    As the battle between an Alien Bounty Hunter and an Intergalactic Fugitive rages on around them, She-Hulk and her new partner must try to defend the innocent lives caught in the crossfire. Finally, Jen will re-learn what it means to be a hero – at a terrible cost.

    Plot synopsis - spoilers ahead

    Continuing from last issue, Kodor and She-Hulk continue fighting, when She-Hulk comes to a realisation that Cazon is in fact a murderer that has been charged as guilty. Kodor then points to Jazinda lying on the floor, dead. She-Hulk holds Jazinda, while Kodor has a molecular stimulator and uses it to temporarily resurrect the wife that was shot dead. Kodor explains to the lady that her molecules have been energised, which is why she is now alive. However, the molecules soon lose cohesion which means she will go back to her original dead state. Kodor tells her to focus and tell him to explain all she saw of Cazon. The lady however is in too much of a frenzy to calm down and Kodor holds a gun to her, ready to kill her yet again because he was no use to her. She-Hulk comes just in time to push the gun upwards just as it fires, and lectures him on having no compassion. Kodor replies, scolding She-Hulk for the so called compassion that had gotten her friend killed. She-Hulk says that she has a name, and She-Hulk hears a voice. She turns around, and it's Jazinda who is actually still alive. She explains that she was in a regenerative coma.

    Cazon meanwhile is holding the husband from last issue hostage and shoots him in the shoulder thanks to his aggressive manner. Cazon muses on how he will escape, and then lifts the hostage up and flies Kodor's own ship.

    Just then the wife screams "Larry!" with Kodor's ship flying above them and the husband tied to the front of the ship. Kodor in anger contemplates shooting down the ship, even if it means killing the husband, but She-Hulk thinks otherwise. She tells him to throw her up. As she flies towards the air, she grabs hold on the side of the ship and Cazon turns the ship round and round hoping to shake She-Hulk off. Cazon then flies up in space, and she loses her grip. She grabs onto the back of the engines, where hot air is causing her great pain. She then pulls something from the engine and the ship breaks down, flying down towards the lake. She-Hulk makes her way towards the front of the ship and frees the man and make their way towards the shore. Cazon also makes his way towards the shore, and then gets a gun pointed towards Kodor. The woman runs in with a gun and wants revenge for killing her, though She-Hulk stops her and says that it can't be the last thing she ever does. With that, she runs to her husband and disappears, thanks to the side-effect from her molecules getting energised from before. Kodor awes at the amazement of She-Hulk not letting the lady kill Cazon, and he replies that she can't, because she's a "hero". Meanwhile, Jazinda behind agrees... however, she then says that she's not a hero and stabs his body with her hands. Cazon falls to the ground, dead, with She-Hulk looking down at Cazon.



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    The Battle Rages 0

    Starting right where the last issue left off, with She Hulk in a battle with what she thinks is an alien bad guy, the issue hits the ground running. I have to say that I really appreciate the way Peter David is able to blend so much action in with legitimate character moments. I especially like it when the alien bounty hunter she has mistaken for a bad guy, questions her former seat on the universal magistrate. While she has lost her faith in being a hero, this issue shows that she really can'...

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