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    In a double-sized anniversary issue, an intergalactic bounty hunter has chased a highly prized Alien fugitive to Earth – and

    She-Hulk and her new partner are caught in the crossfire! Plus, why exactly did Jen Walters leave the superhero life behind? Also, two extra special backups featuring the rise of malevolent Man-Elephant and the Jade Giantess visits the Marvel offices!

    Plot synopsis - spoilers ahead!

    Somewhere in Jersey, Jennifer is describing to Jazinda what the man that blew up the bar, Bran, looks like. Jazinda then points out that there's a match in the FBI database and says that his last known address was in Cleveland. Jazinda suggests that they call the authorities because there's no bounty, but Jennifer replies saying that not everything's about bounties.

    In Pennsylvania, a couple are having a petty argument over setting up the tent, and the wife realises that they're fighting again. The husband tells her that there's plenty of blame to go around. They took this camping trip to get their problems solved in their marriage. The both look up to the sky, and the wife points out a shooting star. However, the "star" makes an acute turn and the wife and husband are both stunned.

    Meanwhile, Jazinda and Jennifer are driving along in their RV and Jazinda points out that Jennifer hasn't really been happy as of late. She asks Jennifer if she's enjoying her work. Jennifer replies that it's okay as it pays the bills. Jazinda points out that perhaps it's not as fulfilling as what she used to do, and that was being a hero. Jazinda asks another question when Jennifer blanks out at the light outside, and Jazinda yells out that something has hit the overhead of the RV. She-Hulk makes her way up to the head of the RV and punches what appears to be an alien ship, sending it flying back, but it makes a comeback and flies right towards She-Hulk. She then flies into the tree truck, breaking it. Jazinda asks her if she's okay, and She-Hulk tears apart the alien ship and finds another alien in here. The alien begs for help. She-Hulk is surprised by this but then disregards the idea, thinking not to get involved in this. Jazinda asks what's happening, and and Sh-e-Hulk tells her it's nothing. Jazinda however, knows him as an alien race called "Froma". Jazinda and Cazon, as he introduces himself as, find they have something in common about not understanding what Jennifer's on about when using metaphors and comparisons. Jennifer tells Jazinda that they're going but Jazinda refuses. Jennifer then says that if she's going with this alien, then the both of them are over. With that, she walks off.

    Back at the camp of the couple, the wife points out a noise coming from the bush. The husband says it could be a bear. He runs inside, and the woman is confronted with this huge alien when the husband comes out from the tent with a gun. The alien grabs the gun from the husband and tells him not to do that again. The alien says that he will not kill him merely because he stood up for "his female" because on his planet, they would kill each other if they could. With that, he takes the food from the BBQ. The wife then says, "I'll break down the tent," and the husband says, "I'll get the grill."

    Back in the woods, Jazinda is still convincing Jennifer to help out Cazon. Jennifer asks Jazinda what happened to her, because she used to be a hardened bounty hunter, that was only in it for the business. Jazinda replies that with more time she's spent with humans, the more time she wonders if altruism will go away. As they continue arguing, Jennifer realises that she's lost, and Jazinda replies, "In more ways than one." Jennifer replies that she's sick of this whole hero thing. There are so many fakes out there calling themselves heroes just because they have power, and they're laughing at people like her, who is the real hero. And because people keep getting hurt; other heroes, herself and bystanders as well. Just then, they hear a roar and find the alien, named Badoon, who took the couple's food reeling Cazon in with a rope. Jazinda tells Badoon to let go, and she pulls out a Terran gun. She fires the gun when Badoon surprise attacks her. She-Hulk then interrupts, holding Badoon by the neck and finishes him off. Meanwhile, Cazon and Jazinda run off when they run into the couple that was camping from before. Cazon then says that there are more humans they can take, being able to use them as hostages or shields. The husband tells Cazon that she will not be using her as a hostage. Cazoon then replies then they could easily use them as fodder, and breaks the woman's back. Jazinda then reminds him he was accused of mass murder and asks how someone innocent could just do such a thing. Cazon interrupts, saying that he never mentioned he was innocent. With that, he shoots Jazinda with the gun from before and leaves her on the ground, taking the husband from the couple



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