She-Hulk #18

    She-Hulk » She-Hulk #18 - Illuminated released by Marvel on June 2007.

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    She took his side in the CIVIL WAR. Served under him as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. But when SHE-HULK finally uncovers what IRON MAN did to her cousin, she's going to do more than just break ranks... She's going to break every bone in his body! SHE-HULK'S most action-packed arc comes to a shattering conclusion! It's a battle for the ages! And one that will have terrible repercussions for Jen Walters, THE INITIATIVE, and THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

    This issue takes place right before Incredible Hulk #106

    She-Hulk # 18 concludes the "Planet Without a Hulk" storyline and with it, Jen Walters finally confronts Iron Man for his involvement in her cousin's disappearance!

    As an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and a registered super-hero, Jen Walters serves under Tony Stark, but his actions against the Hulk have made her mad. And like any other green blooded Hulk family member (okay, the only other green blooded Hulk family member) you do not want to see her angry. She can be hard to handle when she's green.

    Writer Dan Slott, artist Rick Burchett, and cover artist Greg Horn bring you the undercard match of the year. Jen "the Savage She-Hulk" Walters vs. Tony "the Invincible Iron Man" Stark! And hey, if She-Hulk can't take Iron Man down, her cousin is up next!

    Unfortunately for Iron Man and the rest of the Illuminati, the Hulk isn't as far away as they would like. As a matter of fact…he's very close to home. Pick up She-Hulk # 18, as the Marvel Universe moves one step closer to the Hulk's return. Retailers are advised to check their orders on this issue as it directly ties in to the upcoming World War Hulk event.

    On the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, the Hulkbusters get word that a large gamma signature has been detected in New Mexico, the Hulk's old stomping grounds. The team has all assembled except for She-Hulk, who is not responding to the page. Clay Quartermain contacts Jen in her hover-car but she cuts off the transmission. She's tired of chasing after false leads. She has the head of the Nick Fury L.M.D. next to her. It's still busted and talking in a loop. She wishes she could think of a way to access its memory. She thinks about all of her friends that she could go to like Reed Richards, Hank Pym, etc. but she's not sure who she can trust now. Normally she'd go straight to Tony Stark but not now that he's in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. She finally decides to go her lawfirm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, and Holliway. It's there that Mr. Zix says he can access its data.

    She-Hulk sees a video of "Nick Fury" meeting with Bruce Banner. She finds out that the L.M.D. sent Hulk out on a space mission to "smash" something. They are unable to find out what happens next because the information is in a nested file. At the same time in a coffee shop across town, someone is using a laptop and mentions that "they've found the encrypted file..." On the laptop the screen says, "Operation: Greener Pastures, S.H.I.E.L.D. File 93.56.7."

    In New Mexico, the Hulkbusters arrive at one of the Hulk's old hideouts. They make their way inside and find the Leader inside. He is upset at being discovered. He mentions faking his death twice to carry out his secret master plan. He says he was just three days from releasing death spores. He gets in a giant robot and they prepare to fight.

    Zix tells Jen that he can't access any more files. Suddenly, a new file comes up. Back in the coffee shop, Mastermind Excello is seen with his coyote pup. He accessed the file for them. Jen sees another video with Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, and Dr. Strange talking to Hulk on a video monitor. They tell him that they decided to send him off planet when they found out about "Nick Fury's" mission. They say he has threaten the planet too many times with his anger-induced destruction. Seeing this, Jen is no longer a happy camper.

    The Hulkbusters suffer some injuries but they manage to take down the Leader. As they head back to the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, Clay's transmission is garbled. Those onboard the helicarrier think they are bringing in the Hulk and begin to celebrate. She-Hulk is also on her way to the helicarrier. Tony Stark is brought on deck and sees a huge banner saying "Mission Accomplished." He starts to talk to the agents that there's been a mistake (since he knows Hulk is not on planet). Jen arrives with a rough landing. She immediately confronts Iron Man. When he asks her what her problem is, she says her problem isn't on Earth and that he's known that from day one. Before she can say anything else, he hits her with a full-powered blast from his repulsors. He orders some agents to lock her in the brig and that she is NOT to talk to anyone. As he turns his back, She-Hulk has already regained consciousness. Stark orders her not to say another word. She easily dodges his attacks. She starts knocking him around and shrugging off his attacks. She calls him a "tin-plated tyrant" and says he's been acting more like Dr. Doom. She tells him he's an idiot. Sending Bruce into space isn't going to solve anything. Iron Man says he knows that he'll probably come back. He tells her that they've been preparing for his return. A little needle pops out of his finger and he pokes Jen in the neck. He tells her it's an Adamantium needle with nanites from Project: Achilles.

    When Jen wakes up, she immediately tries punching Iron Man only to feel pain in her fist. She has reverted back to her human form. Iron Man is showing her the results of Project: Achilles. She sees the Abomination, Ironclad, and Vector, all in human form. Stark tells her that they've perfected a way to stop Hulk-level threats, permanently. She-Hulk is no more. Jen tells him that he's mistaken if he thinks the threat from her has been neutralized. She-Hulk may be gone but she is still Jennifer Walters, one of the best lawyers on the East Coast. She says she is going to destroy him.

    continued in Incredible Hulk #106


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    She Hulk Vs. Iron Man 0

    So, She Hulk has been working for Shield looking for the "Hulk". This issue she finds out,, that she has been targeting Hulk level threats so Tony Stark could experiment on them and try to nuetralize there powers. She Hulk gets mad, and a battle RAGES!!!! Well, commences. At least it's drawn for a couple of issues. Really , considering what's promised on the cover, with the ground crushing beneath the weight of both heroes. Also taking into account how Mad She Hulk was meant to be, it was a pre...

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