She-Hulk #17

    She-Hulk » She-Hulk #17 - Planet Without A Hulk, Part 3: Shock After Shock released by Marvel on May 2007.

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    The Emerald Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. is in for the shock of her life! And we’re not talking about SHE-HULK’S super-charged battle with ZZZAX! No, this is what happens after-- when she finally realizes who blasted her cousin into space! Get ready for havoc on the Helicarrier when Jen finally learns… “They shoot Hulks, don’t they?”

    She-Hulk and the Hulkbuster division of S.H.I.E.L.D. continue their search for the missing Hulk and fighting any of his enemies that they come across. They have recently captured the U-Foes and ZZZax. The captured villains are being kept and studied by Dr. Gaffer for Project: Achilles.

    Director Tony Stark is ready for a debrief as Agent Quartermain prepare to meet with him. Stark would rather debrief She-Hulk instead as a candle-lit table is seen in the other room. (It seems the place has been rebuilt after the Punisher blew the place up). The villains laugh at her and Two-Gun comes to her "rescue." Mallory knows she needs to do something really big to win back their respect.

    Below, at Project: Achiles, it appears that ZZZax has escaped from his zzzax box and has entered the helicarrier's computers.

    At Timely Plaza, Mallory Book is upset that her affair with Awesome Andy is all over the paper. She wants to sue them because she has lost face and her clients do not respect her. She plans on trying to win over her clients I(even though they are supervillains).

    In Stark's quarters, he and She-Hulk lie in bed. She asks how he can sleep around and people just call him a player but if she does it, she's called a skank. Just then, there is a security breech and the helicarrier's lasers begin shooting all over the room. She-Hulk blocks the blasts from hitting Stark as he tries to get dressed and calls forth his armor.

    The helicarrier's defense attacks are all over. Even Agent Cheesecake, being an LMD, cannot help but attack her fellow agents. As Iron Man deals with attacking hovercars, Nick Fury grabs She-Hulk's arm to take her with him. It turns out to be an LMD as She-Hulk finds herself in a room full of them.

    Back in New York City, Mallory Books goes the the No Name Bar to talk to her former villain clients along with Two-Gun.

    On the helicarrier, after the villains being studied in Project: Achilles were released, it appears that the project is a success. Dr. Gaffer and his scientists have managed to subdue them.

    As Iron Man tries to take control of the helicarrier so it doesn't crash, She-Hulk figures out how to capture Zzzax. She knows that Zzzax will go towards Iron Man and is able to re-capture him in a fixed zzzax box.

    As everyone tries to regain their bearings, a head from a Nick Fury LMD begins reciting recent data files. She is shocked to hear a recording addressing "Bruce" mentioning a launch.


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