Character » She-Cat appears in 194 issues.

    She's the most vicious and deadly of the FemForce members.

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    Daughter of Dr. Thaddeus Hunt, she was in 1938 possessed by a cat-demon named Sehkmet. It was a Godess of War of the Egyptian pantheon, a force of nature... ...and her sullen sister. Sekhmet compose half of her essence, the rest stems from an human female bond. For decades Jessica has exploited her power, ignoring her hunger for the fear and flesh of man. Ms. Victory has long helped her controlling this possession, as the first bond. But when Ms. Victory became Rad, She-Cat has had to turn to another female. She choosen an high school teacher, Claudette Meyler. With this new psychic bond, She-Cat suffers more and no one seems able to help. Sometimes the "possession" takes over the human, its a permanent struggle.

    On the verge of killing a little girl, Octavia Howard, the "human" has regained the upper hand and seems to have hunted the possession. At this instant, Octavia became the third psychic bond for She-Cat.


    She has then regained control of herself but retained some of Sehkmet's feline aspects. They include enhanced strength and agility, cat-like reflexes and senses.

    She has also gained a feral side which acts as both a blessing and a curse. In addition she is immune to aging and disease, effectively immortal.

    About her superhuman strength, she is easily able to lift 1 ton (2 205 lbs) and her fingernails can slice through steel like it was paper.

    She has superhuman speed, estimated to about 70 miles per hour (112 km/hour) and her legs allow her to jump over 125 feet (38 meters).

    She has also demonstrated a healing factor that allows her to regenerate from wounds at a fast pace.


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