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    Cassandra Cartland was a bitter and resentful enemy of Selina Kyle AKA: Catwoman. Growing up together in an orphanage, Selina refused to befriend Cassandra on many occasions.

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    Cassandra Cartland, otherwise known as She-Cat, grew up in the same orphanage as Selina Kyle, who would later on become Catwoman. Cartland had planned on stealing food for her fellow orphans, and had asked Selina if she'd like to help, Selina declined, not interested in working with other people. Cassandra attempted a second time to become friends with Selina after Selina had freed the orphans from their horrible orphanage. Selina once again, declined.

    Later in life, when in adult-hood, Cassandra, still resentful after all these years, found out that Selina was Catwoman. How she discovered this is unknown, but she went through training, and soon became She-Cat. As She-Cat, she stole numerous items at Gotham's Museum, and all the blame was pointed on Catwoman.


    She-Cat was created by Doug Moench and Jim Balent in Catwoman #42

    Character Evolution

    She-Cat idolizes Selina internally and wants to replace her. She is similar to Selina in the fact that she is strong, independent, and sneaky in her dealings with others.

    Major Story Arcs

    First Meeting

    At this point in time, Catwoman was attempting to steal scrolls for a buyer that she calls Zee. During this attempt, she does have her first encounter with Cyber Cat. She is then sent back to the same place to apprehend "The Widget", a computer code device. As Selina re-enters the lab, she finds Cassandra, or at this point She-Cat, with the Widget in her possession.

    As She-Cat enjoys her moment of glory, Catwoman's whip wraps around her, Selina knows it's the "copy cat", the one that is responsible for the museum robberies. They then start a "cat fight", literally. As their going at it, they're fight is cut short by a guard. The two felines decide to hold off on their fight until they make it to the exit. But before the fighting ended, Selina realized that the woman known as She-Cat, was quite familiar.

    Powers and Abilities

    She-Cat is very agile and is a competent acrobat. She is also a adept martial artist. She is good enough to keep up with Selina on multiple occasions.


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