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Ending his hiatus from comics since the early 1950's, Captain Marvel made a triumphant return in his own, all-new ongoing franchise. One word - Shazam! - revived the "Big Red Cheese" and allowed him to re-emerge in print for the first time ever as a character in a DC publication.

Beginning in 1941, DC had engaged in a years long legal dispute with Fawcett publications the original home of Captain Marvel and his alter - ego Billy Batson. DC had alleged copyright infringement for Captain Marvel's similarities to its iconic flagship character, Superman.

Sadly, not Solomon's wisdom, Hercules' strength, Atlas' stamina, Zeus' power, Achilles' courage or Mercury's speed could hasten or eclipse the litigation. The lawsuits dragged on for years, until finally, in 1952, Fawcett agreed to never again publish the character, putting Cap out of print.

A Silver Age renaissance of super hero characters thankfully forged an opportunity for the Marvelous mortal to be reborn. In 1972, DC acquired the rights to Captain Marvel and in 1973 they launched the series, Shazam!, which re-established the Captain Marvel mythos. The premier issue's cover featured the returning Captain Marvel alongside Superman himself - ironically delivering closure for the two alike characters so long debated.

Responsible for resurrecting the lightning charged champion, writer Denny O'Neil and original artist C.C. Beck together explained Cap's absence. The whole Marvel Family and other key characters had been snared within a compound created globe of suspendium for 20 years - as had their captors, the Sivana family, due to a mishap. That is, until this most fortuitous event, which bore their ultimate liberation from the time freeze and reactivated the series' cast and the World's Mightiest Mortal.

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