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    A pokemon that can manipulate plant growth. It is shy.

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    Sky Forme
    Sky Forme

    Shaymin has two different forms, a Land Forme and a Sky Forme. Shaymin's Sky Forme can be activated by using a Gracidea flower at day time. Shaymin's Sky Forme will revert into its Land Forme during the night, while frozen solid (status condition), or if it is deposited in the PC.

    Land Fomre
    Land Fomre

    Physical Traits

    • Japanese name: シェイミ Shaymin
    • Height: 0'08″ (Land Form) 1'04″ (Sky Form)
    • Weight: 4.6 lbs. (Land Form) 11.9 lbs. (Sky Form)
    • Pokédex number: #492
    • Abilities: Natural Cure (Land Form) Serene Grace (Sky Form)
    • Evolution: None

    Major Anime Appearances

    • Shaymin appears in the 11th Pokémon movie, called Giratina and the Sky Warrior.
    • Shaymin also has an appearance in the Diamond and Pearl series.

    Manga Appearances

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    • Shaymin appeared in the manga adaption of the 11th Pokémon movie, Giratina and the Sky Warrior.
    • Shaymin appears in the Pokemon Adventures manga
    • Shaymin also appears in the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Adventure!
    • Shaymin also appears in the Pocket Monsters Platinum: Aim to Be Battle King!!

    Video Game Appearances

    • Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
    • Pokémon Platinum
    • Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver
    • Pokémon X and Y
    • Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


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