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Shawn is the son of Hershel Greene and lived on the family farm. Shawn was bitten by a zombie before the farm could be properly protected and Hershel decided to keep zombie Shawn in the barn with other zombies that wandered onto the family land.


Written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

Major Story Arcs

Being locked in the barn, the zombie formerly known as Shawn has very little interaction with the family. He escapes when Hershel opens the barn door to put another zombie inside. Lacey and Arnold were to have distracted the interred zombies but failed to get a fat one off the door. As the door opens and the fat zombie falls back the rest of the zombies walk out. Arnold sees the danger his father is in and jumps down to help. Shawn the zombie sees an opening and attacks Arnold, biting him on the neck. Unable to see his sons in such a condition, Hershel shoots them both in the head. Shawn, Arnold, and Lacey (who jumps down to help Arnold gets eaten) are buried together.


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