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    A refugee from Mojoworld, Shatterstar came to earth and joined forces with Cable's New Mutants which soon transformed into X-Force. Also a key former member of X-Factor Investigations.

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    Gaveedra-7, or Shatterstar as he is most commonly called, hails from a planet called Mojoworld, which is a unique reality 200 years in the future. When he first appeared in Earth-616, he believed himself to be a product of genetic engineering and that he had no parents, only a gestation chamber on Mojoworld, a world ruled by entertaining televised events/battles under the tyrannical rule of the "Spineless One" called Mojo V. It was later revealed that he is not only the son of Longshot and Dazzler sent to the future as a baby by his older self to continue the cycle of learning, he is also the genetic source for the creation of Longshot in the past.

    Shatterstar's entire existence in the future was to serve as a slave to Mojo V and provide entertainment to the inhabitants of this work. He was engineered to have the perfect skills to make him both effective and entertaining in the gladiator arenas. Day in and day out Shatterstar would enter the arena to fight only so he could make others happy. The many long years as a slave and warrior in the arena, would mold Shatterstar in to the man he would become. Not only did he learn and perfect numerous fighting styles and abilities, Shatterstar also developed a strong sense of honor and pride as a warrior. This helped him deal with the amount of death he encountered on a daily basis. Eventually, though, he grew tired of being a slave and he decided he would do something about it.


    Shatterstar was created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld and first appeared in New Mutants Issue #99 (1991). Although this is Shatterstar's first appearance, he also appeared on a pin-up bonus cover in New Mutants Annual Issue 6 as part of a 'vision to come', predating his appearance in New Mutants 99.

    Major Story Arcs

    Viva La Resistance

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    Shatterstar would catch wind of and eventually join the Wildways Alliance. This rebel group was aiming to overthrow Mojo V and put a stop to the slavery. The alliance knew that they needed more manpower so they sent Shatterstar on a mission to Earth #616 to enlist the help of the X-Men. He would set off at once but upon arrival, through teleportation, he doesn't find the X-Men. He finds instead the New Mutants and Cable as the team was amidst its changes to become X-Force. Its a good thing too, as he had been followed by Imperial Soldiers sent by Mojo. Cable and his team help Shatterstar and they easily defeat the soldiers. Though they weren't the X-Men, Shatterstar would still request their assistance. Cable assured that they would help and offered Shatterstar a spot on the team. He would accept and thus began Shatterstar's longtime membership into the newly formed X-Force.


    Shatter with the original X-Force
    Shatter with the original X-Force

    While a part of the team, Shatterstar would participate in many battles. He proved to be the perfect soldier: loyal, trustworthy and effective in battle. Shatterstar also became fast friends with his team-mate Rictor, building the foundation for a relationship that could withstand anything and even cause some speculation. The only odd thing was his obsession with TV.

    During his first mission with the team, X-Force foes against Stryfe, and the latter's Mutant Liberation Front though at first the team doesn't know much about him, or their leader, Cable.

    He would spend all his free time connected to the television watching everything. This would be because on Mojoworld, television watching was the only important aspect in life. Seems Shatterstar was just hard-wired that way. Also, Shatterstar strangely began having memories that weren't his. He began to share memories with an Earthling by the name of Benjamin Russell. Not too long later, Cable holds true to his word and returns with Shatterstar to Mojoworld to aid the resistance. Not only would their ploy be unsuccessful but Shatterstar would be seriously injured in battle, nearly dying. Thanks to the timely assistance of the mystical Spiral they would be teleported to safety bringing with them Longshot and Siryn. Though they arrive back on Earth it would be at the Weisman Institute for the Criminally Insane. Spiral always has an ulterior motive and the group would find out what it was very shortly.

    Two Become One

    Resurrected In Benjamin Russell's Body
    Resurrected In Benjamin Russell's Body

    At the Institute the four individuals (Shatterstar, Cable, Longshot and Siryn) would be lead by Spiral to one of the patients named Benjamin Russell. Once everyone could see the comatose patient all would be shocked. The man laying on the bed in a coma was identical in appearance to Shatterstar. Benjamin had been in this state since the emergence of his mutant powers. He had no living relatives and had been at the Institute for quite some time.

    A string of events would ultimately lead to Shatterstar willingly merging with Benjamin Russell, body and soul. Longshot would use is psychometric powers to transfer Shatterstar's "uemeur" or soul into Benjamin's body. The result would have the two men merge completely making one body and one soul. The only difference was that Shatterstar's hair was longer. Otherwise he claims that this was the very first time he had ever felt whole in his entire life. Once he fully recovered physically and mentally he would leave and resume his duties with X-Force. But even his time with the team would soon come to an end. His best friend Rictor needed to attend to a personal matter in Mexico and Shatterstar would come along to help. They would be successful but would part ways without explanation. It would be a long while before Shatterstar would be seen again.

    After X-Force

    Shatterstar, some time later, would next appear in Madripoor. He was participating in gladiator arena fights for money. Shortly after that he would be contacted by Cable. He was requesting Shatterstar's assistance in a coming battle against Skornn. To prepare Shatterstar for the coming battle he would send him to Mt. Xixabangma. There he would be trained by the monks who inhabited that land. During his training, the battle with Skornn would be fast forwarded when Skornn's worshipers arrive, attack and kill the monks training him.

    Fighting for his life, Shatterstar realized he was severely outnumbered. Thankfully the cavalry would arrive in the form of his old team, X-Force, along with the M.L.F.( Mutant Liberation Front) and two of the Fantastic Four ( Thing and Human Torch). An all out war followed and the forces of good only narrowly came out victorious. Once the fight was done all would go their separate ways once again.

    Civil War

    Shatterstar in Civil War with Domino
    Shatterstar in Civil War with Domino

    Following the events of M-Day and the passing of the Super-Human Registration Act by the government, Shatterstar would be given orders he would gladly accept. Under orders of both Captain America and Nick Fury; Shatterstar, Domino and Caliban were to break the 198 out of the X-Men compound and free them. Once out the mutants would be taken to a secret base for their protection.

    All would not go so smoothly as the reduced X-Force would encounter the government team ONE, and a battle quickly followed. Shatterstar would be pitted against a one time "X" ally Micromax, but he wouldn't hold back. Amidst the fight he nearly kills Micromax, though he only meant to disable him. However, Shatterstar would not be apologetic exclaiming that, "During war there is not such thing as murder!", and continued on with his mission. These actions would have him seen as a HIGH LEVEL terrorist threat in the government’s eyes and they would not take him lightly nor underestimate him in the future. Once the 198 were freed and taken to the secure location Shatterstar would disappear. His current whereabouts are unknown.

    X-Factor Investigations

    Under control of 'Cortex'
    Under control of 'Cortex'

    Shatterstar next appeared fighting the mutant team X-Factor, a group that included his one-time close friend and former X-Force teammate Rictor. When he first appeared in the story, he was seen in an attempt to kill John Maddox, a priest that had been revealed to be a duplicate of James Madrox earlier on in the series. It is revealed eventually that Shatterstar was being controlled by an entity called Cortex, which had been targeting depowered mutants for currently unspecified reasons. When the mental link Cortex had on Shatterstar abruptly wore off, because the former was being interrupted, Shatterstar was pleasantly surprised to see Rictor and having no recollection of the fact he had just fought him and Strong Guy, the two shared a passionate kiss.

    He then teleports himself and both Strong Guy and Rictor to New York, with the rest of the team and surprises Cortex, even managing to severe his arm. The latter however, shrugs it off as his arm heals and eventually manages to deal with all of the X-Factor team, leaving only Rictor (who had been depowered at this point) and Cortex's target. Cortex eventually gets pulled back to his time and their fight ends.

    After this Shatterstar decides to stay with Rictor and the rest of X-Factor, apart from Guido and Madrox who went back to New York, branching off from the current X-Factor team that was being led by Siryn. Eventually however, Siryn decides to disband her current X-Factor team and with that, Rictor and Shatterstar decide to go back and join Madrox along with the rest of the team.

    Against Doom

    Shatterstar joins X-Factor
    Shatterstar joins X-Factor

    On their first mission back in New York, Valeria and Franklin Richards recruited X-Factor's help to find their mother, the Invisible Woman who had apparently gone missing. The children having brought this to the attention of Madrox attempted to question Mr. Fantastic. Unfortunately Mr. Fantastic does not want the help of the team and forces the children to their room. Guido can't seem to accept this and eventually it causes him to get into a fight with The Thing. The Thing appeared to have the upper-hand in the fight until Shatterstar intervenes. He isn't able to physically outclass thing, but using his natural agility he manages to avoid all of the Thing's hits and then uses a weight which is used to work out to knock the Thing out of the Window and into the street below. The team then finds out through Longshot's abilities that the Invisible Woman is in Latveria, the country Doctor Doom reigns with an iron fist. Shatterstar teleports all of the team there and then, Shatterstar, Monet and The Thing decide to go on a full frontal assault of the castle to find Sue Storm. They fight their way up, with suprisingly little resistance of the Doombots, save Sue Storm but end up face-to-face with Doom, who seems to have Layla Miller in his company. Shatterstar then makes a portal back to New York, but his concentration is interrupted by Layla just after everyone was gone, just at the time where the fake Reed Richards (who turned out to be a Doom of an Alternate Dimension) was in the middle, severing his head and killing him. It is later alluded to that Layla and Shatterstar may have had a relationship during the time they were both in Doom's castle.

    Second Coming

    Shatterstar dodging multiple gunfire
    Shatterstar dodging multiple gunfire

    During Second Coming he is seen with the team, fighting against the Anti-Mutant forces, dodging fire from the operators. He then steps in and saves Layla and Theresa from the forces as well, after the latter had been drugged with a syringe from the Mutant Response Division. They then escape in a vehicle and using Layla Miller's knowledge, she manages to be used as an anchor for Shatterstar to teleport them to the base which she knew Madrox would be at and with all of the team finally reuniting their after some coincidences, they fight the MRD together.

    Rictor and Rahne

    Rahne attacking Shatterstar
    Rahne attacking Shatterstar

    Shatterstar and Rictor then began to spend more and more time together. Shatterstar has also seemed to been greeting people with a kiss. When he was reunited with Boom Boom he kissed her, which made Rictor question Shatterstar's feelings for him. The two are both inside a gun range, where Rictor is practicing due to his lack of Superhuman powers post M-Day. Shatterstar eventually shows uncanny accuracy upon shooting the gun and hitting the target's center perfectly, much to Rictor's surprise. Eventually the latter begins to question whether Shatterstar thought that he was a "waste of time". Shatterstar claims that he wants to have Rictor as his "guide" for the world, to which Rictor accurately interprets that Shatterstar wants an open relationship with him. Rictor isn't happy at all with this decision and leaves, however Shatterstar manages to catch up to him and convince him that he needs him, with them resolving their issues with a kiss.

    Eventually Rahne returnes to X-Factor Investigations and walks in on Rictor and Shatterstar during an intimate moment between the two. Rahne instantly startes yelling and eventually finds herself blaming Shatterstar who is oblivious to the accusations that he is making of her. She then shifts into her Wolf form and attacks Shatterstar, throwing both of them out of the window and into the streets, in what she deemed an attempt to protect Rictor. She accused Shatterstar of mind controlling Rictor, as she couldn't rationalize his seeming change in sexual orientation. Longshot eventually managed to get a fire hydrantto wet her and by this time Rictor appeared and started to talk to Rahne and calm her down. He eventually asks whether or not he is the father of her unborn child and he claims that he is because Rictor was the only man who she was with 7 months ago. Since she hadn't been with anyone but him, he must be the father. It is suspected that Rahne new that this wasn't totally true and it is suggested she held back any further information about the nature of the child because she somehow felt guilty for the relationship between Rictor and Shatterstar, the latter of which was observing all of the actions.

    In Las Vegas, Against Hela

    When the group goes to Las Vegas, Shatterstar is seen picking up prop swords and boarding a boat under the impression that the people there were actual pirates, when in reality they were simply actors and then tries to grasp the concept of people pretending to use a sword without actually knowing how to. Eventually they start gambling using Longshot's luck powers and this makes it so they attract the attention of Hela, without actually knowing who she was. When her minions arrive, Madrox think that its just some other actors, but Shatterstar doesn't back away from the challenge and engages them in a fight. Eventually it is revealed that they are fighting decayed corpses of dead Norsemen, and the team continues to fight, eventually coming face-to-face with hundreds of corpses. The fighting suddenly stops however, when Thor shows up. Then they are taken to Hela, where they find Pip the troll, the man who they had come all the way to Vegas to find. During their escape from Hela's realm, Shatterstar crosses swords with Hrimhari who iseventually revealed to be the father of Rahne's child, accusing Shatterstar of forcing himself onto Rahne. The team then leaves the realm.

    Helping Rahne

    Shatterstar and Rahne, bonding with each other.
    Shatterstar and Rahne, bonding with each other.

    Shatterstar is later seen with Monet, playing chess with her, to which he finds that Monet is a better player than him and is thoroughly surprised because of the warrior within him. During the conversation, the love triangle between him, Rahne and Rictor comes up and Monet tells him that he should "mark his territory" with Rictor and not let Rahne intervene in their relationship. During this time, the Mayor of the City, J. Jonah Jameson also shows up, wanting to contract the services of X-Factor investigations. Their struggles lead them to a trio of terrorists who had killed an acquaintance of Jameson and the latter had suspicions they were after him too.

    Around this time Shatterstar also goes with Rahne on her way from the X-Factor offices into the church, where it is raining and they talk with each other and they resolve the problems they had with each other and Rahne concludes that she should leave Rictor to the relationship he has with Shatterstar. They reach the church and everyone there is dead, all killed by what seemingly is one single monster. When the two dispatch the monster, the ghost of Feral appears. This also brings a collection of other supernatural creatures to attack them and while they fight back at first, they soon get into a cab and try to get back to the offices which they successfully do. The monsters are kept at bay by some incantations that Layla spontaneously decided to make, knowing of these events. These series of events then culminate when another mystical Were-Wolf appears to help Rahne, and eventually gives birth to the child, but in the heat of the moment rejects him at birth.

    After X-Factor and Excalibur

    Shatterstar was seen in New Tian and was involved with the X-Men when they investigated the return of the Phoenix Force (resulting in Jean Grey's return). He was seen in Krakoa but at some point he returned to Mojoworld to his old life in the arena.

    Shatterstar helped the newest X-Factor team to defeat evil goddess Morrigan to freed his old teammate Siryn from her control. He later joined Excalibur, together again with Rictor.

    Powers & Abilities

    Shatterstar has the mutant ability to convert sonic frequencies in shock waves of vibrating energy. These same energies can be focused through the weapon of his choosing, as long as they are metal, to release staggering bolts of energy.

    Since Shatterstar was a product of genetic engineering his body performs at peak levels at all times. His genetics allow him increased abilities well above the finest athlete’s skills, including: Acute Senses, Speed, Stamina, Agility, Flexibility, Dexterity, Reflexes, Coordination, Balance & Endurance. The combination of all these heightened abilities allow Shatterstar to produce movements that even the greatest trained individuals would have a hard time duplicating. Additionally, his bones are hollow allowing for cleaner movement and he can also shift his internal organs to lessen chances of serious wounds.

    Other powers include:

    Shatterstar, displaying teleportation powers
    Shatterstar, displaying teleportation powers
    • Concussive Vibratory Shockwaves: Shatterstar is able to convert sonic frequencies around him into some type of bio-vibratory shock waves. These energies must however be apparently channeled through some sort of object, more often a weapon of some sort. He has channeled his energies through a variety of the weapons at his disposal, including but not limited to his blades, daggers, shurikens and throwing blades. It must be noted that due to the origin of his ability -- the fact that it depletes so much of his physical energy, it is rarely used and has yet to be seen since he joined X-Factor investigations.
    • Teleportation Portals: Shatterstar has recently showed the ability to teleport people and matter across space. While having Rictor focus on home, the air opened up as an 'X', Rictor and Strong Guy to drove a vehicle through. He has been shown to have to cross his arms in an X position, though its unknown if this is necessary or merely helps in his focus. They exited the portal in Boston, Shatterstar did not appear drained by the use of this ability. He has later shown that he needs certain conditions for the power to work. He needs to have someone, dubbed "Anchor" to think of the place where they are going and focus on it. The Anchor can also not be just anyone, it has to be someone who Shatterstar is close to. This has also been stated to be more comfortable in working outside because if it is performed in a building it will destroy the are in which they are in. He also needs to be focused and have his concentration on Maximum, as when Layla kissed him the portal immediately collapsed. Furthermore, it was shown if the portal disappears with something on both sides, then it will cut whatever is inside it through the middle. It has also shown to be able to teleport various people and from a large distance, such as when Shatterstar teleported X-Factor from Latveria to X-Factor's Headquarters in New York.
    Shatterstar, easily avoiding the Thing's slow attacks.
    Shatterstar, easily avoiding the Thing's slow attacks.
    • Superhuman Strength Levels: Under optimal conditions, Shatterstar is able to lifts 5 tons. His strength is shown specifically when he grabs hold of a weight which was in the Baxter building and uses the weight to block Thing's attack and then uses his agility to dodge Thing's attacks and then swings his weapon, knocking the Thing out of the building.
    • Superhuman Agility & Reflexes: Shatterstar has shown to have the great agility and reaction time, notably because his bones are completely hollow while the rest of his muscular structure are the same as a normal human. The result is that he is far lighter than he should be, which allows him great evasiveness. An example is when he is able to dodge multiple gunfire from automatic weapons at a point bland range. He has also proven that he is much quicker than other Superhuman's such as the Thing who rely mostly on their strength in fights, which was seen when he dodged Thing's multiple strikes.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: His body quickly heals from minor injuries allowing him to push his body further while battling, though it is often used after battles to heal from wounds that he has seen there.
    • Advanced Learning Ability: His brain apparently works so quickly that he learn at a rapid rate, well beyond that of the average person, allowing him to learn how to use a gun, for example, quicker than a normal human, though that was partly because of his enhanced abilities.

    Special Equipment

    • Dual Mystical Blades
      Shatterstar, showing off his trademark blades
      Shatterstar, showing off his trademark blades

    Both blades are approximately 4 1/2 ft in length and are deathly sharp. The hilt is surrounded by guards covered in spikes for protection. These same blades were forged in a dimension of magic and science granting the both mystical and physical properties. Created of an alien material that nearly mimics that of the alloy called adamantium these blades can cut through most any material, including most metals. Due to its mystical origins the blades are also quite effective against magic. The blades are able to pierce magic force fields, destroy magic armor, and destroy any mystic bonds.The Swords are strong enough to severely injure Micromax, can be split into two swords and has a bio-electric current that makes it very hard for people besides him to wield it. Shatterstar also wears the body armor that he arrived to Earth with. Similar to his blades the metal it's created from is alien in nature.

    Shatterstar has most recently been portrayed with a different-looking set of blades, it is unknown whether these blades are actually the same as he had previously used, or if they are a completely different set, though these blades comes in two pair, coming out in parallel with his forearms, allowing him to have his hands free while he is fighting. The blades are quite formidable, quite easily being able to stab through a person, or cutting a normal human in half with ease and actually lend themselves to his natural agility, giving him an edge in combat.

    Special Abilities:

    • Shatterstar is a weapons master, able to effectively use multiple weapons in battle flawlessly. He does though specialize in the use of dual swords. These blades can also be molded to take the form of any weapon he would like.
    • He is highly trained and skilled in unarmed combat,and has mastered numerous forms of martial arts.
    • He is also an exceptional strategist and a natural leader.


    Shatterstar seldom ever uses his mutant powers as they quickly depletes his energies and fatigues him thus making him less effective in battle.


    Due to the nature of his creation, Shatterstar has many problems understanding the conformism and norms of human society. His greatest problem in his best-known relationship, with Rictor, was that Rictor had assumed it would be an exclusive relationship. However, Shatterstar wished to keep the relationship open so that he could explore and come to terms with his very new world of feeling. The return of Rictor's own powers, long believed lost for good, also added a dimension of difficulty.

    Because of Shatterstar's alien nature, he maintains unique relationships with any and all of his teammates.


    • Height: 6' 3"
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    • Weight: 195 lbs.
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Strawberry-Blonde
    • Unusual Features: Shatterstar's left eye is covered in a starburst-like design and has been shown to shine.


    • Known Relatives: Windsong (wife, deceased), Longshot (Father and genetic "son"), Allison Blair (Dazzler, Mother)
    • Citizenship: Citizen of Mojoworld
    • Place of Birth: Mojoworld.
    • Marital Status: Unknown
    • Occupation: Freedom Fighter, Adventurer & Mutant Rights Activist (Formerly: Arena Gladiator & Revolutionary).
    • Education: Unrevealed

    Alternate Realities


    X-Men: The End, chronicles the final tale of the X-Men. Shatterstar, in this divergent future, is still a member of X-Force. Sadly, however, he and his teammates take serious damage almost immediately and the death toll begins. Shatterstar along with the rest of X-Force are the very early targets of Mr. Sinister and his team of goons. Shatterstar's life extinguishes within the very first battle.

    Earth-4210 (Shattershot)

    Shattershot Crossover

    In an alternate future, Shatterstar's role was changed from would be revolutionary to tyrannical leader. He had taken over Mojoworld and enslaved the "Spineless Ones" making them participate in gladiator arena fights. Mojo finds help in way of Cannonball and his team, X-Force. Once X-Force arrives they battle Shatterstar showing him the error in his ways. He then restores peace to his land and X-Force returns home.

    Earth-161 (X-men Forever)

    Shatterstar appeared along with the rest of X-Force in the X-Men Forever Comics.


    Earth 9590
    Earth 9590

    Shatterstar is seen as one of Phoenix Storm's Followers.

    X-Men: Millennial Vision 2001

    Sebastian Shaw, once Black King of the infamous Hellfire Club, sought a way to put an end to the X-Men. So he decided to hire a mercenary to kill them for him. Wanting the best he offers the job to Deadpool along with a hefty amount of money. Deadpool quickly accepts and immediately heads out to begin his job. Within 3 years time Deadpool was successful in killing each and every individual ever associated with the X-Men, including the vaunted X-Men themselves. Shatterstar would be no different, meeting his doom battling Deadpool. As a reminder, Deadpool carries Shatterstar's swords with him at all times and regularly uses them.

    Shatterstars Sword
    Shatterstars Sword


    After killing Shatterstar, Deadpool took his swords as a memento

    Other Media


    Deadpool 2

    Lewis Tan as Shatterstar
    Lewis Tan as Shatterstar

    Shatterstar appears in the Deadpool second, portrayed by Lewis Tan. In the movie, he becomes a member of X-Force after answering Deadpool's help wanted ad.

    Video Games

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance (2012 - )

    No Caption Provided

    Shatterstar appears as an unlockable character in the Marvel: Avengers Alliance video game on Facebook. He will first be available as the reward for reaching 'Adamantium League' by the end of PVP Tournament: Season 7. He is a Scrapper Class character.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Shatterstar was featured in the X-Men: X-Force line from ToyBiz.
    • A 10-inch Shatterstar figure was also included in ToyBiz's X-Force line.
    • Shatterstar was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Shatterstar was featured in Diamond Select's Minimates line as part of a two-pack with Cannonball.
    • Shatterstar was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Warlock Build-a-Figure wave.

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