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Zarrko and his faithful Servitor would come into conflict with the Thor Corps when he had plans to use his radical time stabilizer to collapse all the time lines into a single entity. The Thor Corps which consisted of Beta Ray Bill, Dargo and Thunderstrike smashed into Zarrko's ship. Zarrko would open up various corridors of time to summon suitable pawns to dispose of the Corps. Various foes of Thor including Shatterfist would attack the Thor Corps. Shatterfist was a foe from Thunderstrike's future and he smacked Thunderstrike with a powerful right punch. Thunderstrike retrieved his hammer from Dargo and used it to block Shatterfist's attack. Thunderstrike countered with a kick to the body that took Shatterfist out of the fight.  


Shatterfist was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in 1992 and first appeared in Thor # 440. 

Mayor Story Arcs


Shatterfist's original, first encounter with Thunderstrike would take place during a robbery at 1st National Bank. Shatterfist tested his new power gloves by shattering the vault door with a single punch while his three goons in masks held the employees and customers hostage. Thunderstrike took out the three goons with ease and was shocked to see Shatterfist. Thunderstrike yelled out "Shatterfist!" and the enhanced thug took that name as his moniker instead of Power Glove because it sounded much cooler. Shatterfist had no idea they already met from Zarrko's time paradox and he was Thunderstrike's psychological safety net. Thunderstrike knew that he couldn't die until he finally encountered Shatterfist in real time. Thunderstrike used him hammer to block Shatterfist's assault until an older, bank security guard pulled out his gun and placed it to Shatterfist's head. Thunderstrike was saved and Shatterfist was apprehended by the police. 

Masters of Evil

The Crimson Cowl would bring together twenty-five super villains into her Masters of Evil for one orchestrated plan to rule the world. Lodestone and the Masters of Evil would split up in different groups and acquire important components so they could install numerous weather modulators around the world. The world would bow to their feet after they unleashed cataclysmic storms in various countries. Hawkeye and five Thunderbolts members discovered their base and devised a plan to take down the Masters. Moonstone would join the Masters so she can get inside their defenses while the other T-Bolts took down Shatterfist, Man-Ape, Constrictor, Joystick and Lodestone. Jolt took out Shatterfist while he wandered off on his own and Atlas changed into his costumes so they can infiltrate the base in disguise. Moonstone revealed to the Crimson Cowl that the T-Bolts were disguised as members of the Masters of Evil. Hawkeye and the T-Bolts removed their disguises and all hell broke loose. Moonstone betrays the Masters and takes down the Crimson Cowl. The Thunderbolts are victorious and the rest of the Masters of Evil are defeated and placed into custody.     

Powers & Abilities

Shatterfist wears two power gloves that enhance his punching strikes to superhuman levels. He was able to shatter a bank safe with a single punch without suffering any injuries to his hands or any part of his body.

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