Shattered Earth

    Concept » Shattered Earth appears in 72 issues.

    A continuity of comics produced by Eternity comics, set in a post-apocalyptic scenario, full of mutants.

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    The universe of the original Ex-mutants.

    In this Earth, normal civilization ended 35 years before, in May 3rd of 1995. Nobody knows why the final war was fighted. All classes of bombs rained: Atomic bombs, N bombs, and a strange bunch of Eugenic bombs (E-bombs)-weapons designed to twist the genetic structure of the population, resulting in immediate or delayed mutations.

    There exist rumors of even stranger artifacts, dimensional bombs that would tear a hole in the fabric of reality. Many of the people died of hunger or radiation poisoning. Farmland would not produce. And a great amount of petty warlord fought for the remaing ruins of lost civilization.

    Its in this dire word that Dr. Cugat decided to create the Ex-mutants, from a group of mutant teens that he had protected and raised. The experiment was an success, and the 5 new humans were surprised by the changes, to a perfect specimens of the old forgotten human race. And Dr Cugat send them in a mission to recreate human civilization and redeem the world. But first they had to deal with the local warlord: Great Fred.


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