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    Shatter was a member of the Chicago branch of the Morlocks. He was depowered on M-day.

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    Shatter, like so many other mutants was a normal teenager who lived with his father when he suddenly developed his mutant ability. Knowing that he would suffer from persecution at the hands of humans for being a mutant, he used his father's gun in an attempt to commit suicide. But he discovered that his crystal form was invulnerable to the bullet, even at point blank range. He did not die but it left a crack on the side of his head.


    Shatter was created by Geoff Johns, Gregory Wright, and Shawn Martinbrough. He first appeared in Morlocks #1, in June 2002.

    Major Story Arcs

    Shortly after his suicide attempt, he joined Postman's Morlocks.

    He was among the Morlocks who was found by the Cell and was rescued from the police who attempts to apprehend them. After being rescued, he introduced himself to Cell and left a quotable description that mutants are not violent to man but man are those who are violent to mutants.

    Each Morlock was given a chance for their last wish. The Cell was confronting Shatter about it when Electric Eve and Angel Dust argued and became harsh and violent. As they fought, Angel Dust thought that she had damaged Shatter, mistaking his previous bullet wound on his head as a fresh injury. Angel Dust apologized and was worried. Litterbug and Postman then arrived saying that it was time for their last wish. Shatter wished to be with his dog Hank whom he considers as his best friend. The Morlocks then saved Hank.

    Shatter and Hank
    Shatter and Hank

    Shatter was overjoyed that Hank still recognized him even though he had undergone a mutation. Other Morlocks were also granted a wish. Electric Eve's wish was to murder her ex-boyfriend, but then the Morlocks realized that they have helped Eve for commit murder. As the Morlocks then argued, a Sentinel came and blasted Shatter, blowing off his right arm. Shatter was then brought to their headquarters for safety but the police detected them and killed Trader. Angel Dust defended Shatter pleading them not to hurt him. However, situations got even worse. But the Morlocks were able to escape by using team work against the Sentinels.

    When Scarlet Witch also depowered more or less 90% of the total mutant population during Decimation, Shatter was unfortunately one of the mutants who lost their powers.


    Before losing his mutation on M-Day, he formerly had mutant superhuman abilities. Shatter's physical mutation involved a hard crystal form that covered his entire body. This granted him invulnerability from a majority of physical attacks, also his body's new material would regenerate when wounded. He could also temporarily turn liquids into solid crystal.

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    While in fights, he had been known to use a baseball bat as his weapon of choice.

    Other Media

    Wolverine and the X-men

    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Shatter was on a ship traveling to Genosha. He never spoke but Pixie introduced him to Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler along with Shatter and the other mutants on board, joined forces and saved everyone on the ship. On this show Shatter was depicted as possessing his blue crystal skin but was also seen with an additional ability to break apart objects after placing his hands on them. Shatter was assigned to shatter a cargo container so that its pieces could be used to block the holes sustained in the ships hull after a battle with Spiral.


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