Why is there a Shadowversian lurking in Sharon's dreams?

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Out of all of Sharon's Dream Sequences in Captain America #49 this one caught my attention the most. The Red Skull is depicted as casting a demonic-looking shadow. A shadow who looks like a Shadowversian. The Shadowversians are a race of extradimensional origins who are literally made from darkness.

No one has seen a Shadowversian on Earth-616 since a Shadowversian Military General named Mister E was tossed into the Sun by the second Captain Universe. Now...it could all just be a figment of Sharon's imagination but Shadowversians are capable of entering one's dreams. Also...the oddest thing is that The Alleged Shadowversian appears during the dream sequence where Sharon was being exposed to the energies pouring out of what I think was Dr. Doom's Time Platform.

Now...this is just a shot in the dark...but is it possible that while she was being exposed to the energies flowing out of that Time Platform a Shadowversian slithered out of The Shadowverse and made a nice little home for itself in Sharon's incredibly screwed up mind? Then of course there is the matter of the being made of pure light who emerges from The Time Platform. One could suggest that the being was Steve...but why was he made of pure blue and white energy?

Could this be an indication that The Shadowversians are going to return in the pages of Captain America...and in a moment when all seems lost Steve will be brought back as the new, dare I say, Captain Universe?! This is all wild speculation of course.

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