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    A mutated tiger shark who terrorized Green Lantern.

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    When an atomic pile went out of control at an experimental atomic station, there was an explosion which released radiation and mutated a tiger shark that was swimming close to the shore. Rapidly, the Shark developed humanoid looks, as well as great psionic powers and human-level intelligence.

    The Tiger Shark telepathically absorbed knowledge from the minds of humans, thus learning how to speak. But despite his newly found abilities, the Shark retained his instinct to hunt and destroy his prey.

    Because of his higher intelligence, he felt his superior hunting skills only worthy to be used on individuals who were extra-ordinarily strong as well, first seeking out Green Lantern, but then other heroes. Despite Green Lantern returning Shark to his natural state, it failed to remained permanent and Shark had been able to take on Aquaman in the guise of an Atlantean named Karshan. He was returned back to his original tiger shark form when Aquaman defeated him.


    Karshon is a DC character created by John Broome and Gil Kane. His first appearance was in Green Lantern #24.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Shark that Hunted Human Prey

    For more information see: Green Lantern #24

    Shark in G.L. vol 2.1
    Shark in G.L. vol 2.1

    When a tiger shark was swimming near the shore it was mutated by radiation from a nearby nuclear accident. This caused it to change form and become super intelligent.

    He quickly learned he could control matter, create weather, and absorb other peoples minds and knowledge. This new found power lead him to investigate the nearby city. Which lead to him learning he could change his appearance to look like a human man, although even in disguise people still feared him, but didn't know why.

    While in the city Shark met the boxing heavy weight champ, Bill Bower, and used mind control to knock him out. Shark though this would make him feel better but instead he still wanted a challenge. So he reached out and found the protector of the city, Green Lantern and told him telepathically or his origin and challenged the Emerald Warrior to combat.

    When Green Lantern goes to the plane hanger to recharge his battery, Shark ambushes him and turns the hanger yellow trapping Green Lantern inside. The Shark also covers his body in a yellow aura that stops Green Lantern from using his power ring on him. Shark also reveals he has trapped the people of Coast City in a bubble and after defeating Green Lantern he will hurt for sport, starting with Hal Jordan's friends.

    Green Lantern is able to defeat Shark when he changes the air in the hanger into ice and hits Shark with the ice block knocking him unconscious. This takes down the yellow aura shield and the bubble. Green lantern then uses his ring to change Shark back into a Tiger shark and takes him to the local aquarium where he his put into a tank under armed guards.

    The Shark Goes on the Prowl Again

    For more information see: Green Lantern #28

    Before the Shark was captured in the events of Green Lantern #24, he switched minds with his costume, so that his costume would be changed into a Tiger Shark, while the real Shark would sit in a evidence locker at the local police department. There he waited and healed from his battle with Green Lantern.

    Then when he regained his strength he attacked Green Lantern, first by kidnapping, Carol Ferris, Tom Kalmaku and his wife Terga. This time Green Lantern uses sound waves to knock the Shark off balance but then Shark uses his matter control powers to bounce one of Green Lantern's own rocket back at him.

    Powerful Adversary
    Powerful Adversary

    Seeming to have knocked Green Lantern unconscious, Shark tries to take his ring but Green Lantern punches him and knocks Shark out cold. This causes Shark's yellow shield to go down and after making sure it is really Shark and not a trick, Green Lantern turns Shark back into a normal Tiger Shark.

    The Shark soon realized that with all his new abilities hunting humans would be too easy. He telepathically sought out a victim who would be worthy of him, and he learned of Green Lantern, and how Hal Jordan was supposedly a man without fear. The Shark decided he would hunt Green Lantern and that before he killed him, Jordan would experience fear.

    Green Lantern fought and overcame the Shark before returning him to a normal tiger shark through his power ring commands. However, this move proved only a temporary measure as the Shark has returned to his humanoid form on several occasions since. His primary adversary has always been Hal Jordan, but he has also battled other super heroes. The shark once took the form of an Atlantean and called himself Karshon. In this guise, he battled Aquaman and temporarily succeeded in usurping the throne of Atlantis from its rightful king. However, Aquaman overcame him, and the Shark again reverted to his tiger shark form.

    Crisis on Infinite Earths

    Following one battle with Hal Jordan, the Shark was blown to atoms by an explosion. Guy Gardner managed to put the Shark back together, and the Shark assisted Gardner.

    No Fear

    For more information see: Green Lantern: No Fear

    Shark comes back to the West Coast, but this time he is experimented on by the Kroloteans. There testing advances his already advanced evolution. This causes Shark to feed uncontrollably, and he looses much of his intelligence. When Shark kills a navy man and his girlfriend, Hal gets involved and fight the Shark in the ocean.

    Hal uses everything in his arsenal, even blowing up his power battery in the beast's mouth, but it appears that Hal might be defeated, until the Kroloteans show up and capture Shark for farther testing. Hal frees Shark and uses his hunger against the Kroloteans.

    Shark later escapes capture and leaves the coast for deeper water.

    Powers and Abilities

    Karshon has super human strength, endurance, a set of claws, sharpened teeth, and enhanced sense of smell. He can breathe in water as well as on land, swim at up to 60 Miles per hour and fly by psyonically levitating himself. He also has a number of mental powers, such as the ability to instill fear in his victims, manipulate matter, project energy bolts and communicate telepathically.


    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 243 lbs (110kg)

    Eyes: Black

    Hair: No hair

    Unusual Features: Humanoid tiger shark

    In Other Media

    Justice League Unlimited

    Shark appears in Justice League Unlimited episode "I Am Legion". He was among the super-villains welcoming Lex Luthor in his arrival to the Secret Society secret base. He was also witnessed how Luthor overthrew Grodd, in episode ''Dead Reckoning'' and was present in ''The Great Brain Robbery'' when Flash addressed the Legion in Luthor's body.

    Batman: the Brave and the Bold

    Shark in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
    Shark in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

    Shark makes cameo appearances in Batman: The Brave and the Bold episodes "Night of Huntress" as an inmate at Blackgate Penitentiary and "Mayhem of the Music Meister".


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