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    Shard was Bishop's younger sister, and was a member of the XSE with Bishop in the alternate reality Earth-1191.

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    The young woman who would come to be known only as shard in the years to follow was born in an alternate time line some eighty years into the future. She was born at a time when mutants were an enslaved people her parents had fled from Australia in their youth right before it was bombed and she and her brother Bishop were born in a mutant concentration camp where they were branded for being mutants.

    Her parents soon died either shuffled off into other camps or during the Summers Rebellion. They were raised by their only surviving family member their grandmother. She was given the name Shard as a child because she was so fragile.

    After they finally gained freedom and their grandmother died she and bishop lived on the streets as thieves for awhile. On the streets they became embroiled with local gangs and almost ended up killed. She and her brother managed to get the attention of the XSE who offered Bishop membership. He agreed but with a condition, Shard would join as well.


    Shard was created by Scott Lodbell and John Romita Jr and first appeared as a hologram in a cameo in The Uncanny X-Men Annual #17 (1993) and first appeared fully as a hologram in Uncanny X-Men Issue 314 (1993). She appeared as an interactive hologram for the first time in Bishop Issue 1 (1994).

    Major Story Arcs

    X.S.E training

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    In the academy Bishop remained over protective of his sister much to her dismay. It didn't help either when Bishop instinctively became rivals with Trevor Fitzroy who she was enamored with. Despite not manifesting her powers yet she was an excellent cadet who excelled in every combat situation. When she and Bishop and their teammates were attacked and overwhelmed by Emplates she finally manifested her light based powers and together she and Bishop fought off the horde. Afterwords her brother was promoted to full XSE Status and she became her own woman at the academy making a name for herself as a top class recruit. it was around this time that Trevor Fitzroy and herself grew closer and thus started dating. She was able to keep all of this from Bishop through secrecy and him being away on various missions.

    In time she fell deeply in love with him. A year later Trevor defected from the XSE and she became the youngest recruit to ever become a field officer. Her brother was very proud.

    The X.U.E

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    Shard rose quickly though the ranks to also become the youngest commanding officer. She was a more by the book officer than her hard hitting brother Bishop and unlike him she commanding respect without being edgy. She heard many tales of her ex lover Fitzroy in the coming years and despite him becoming a criminal she still loved him. Feeling more isolated than ever before she met with them and what she learned was that they too, just like her were doubtful of the purpose of the XSE and how they were making thee world a better place and reinforcing Xavier's dream. They told her they believed that the world could be changed, altered if you will since this world as they claimed was damaged and the methods of the XSE were not helping matters. She agreed with them in method that the XSE was failing to do it's job and thus Shard made the decision to join the XUE (Xavier's Underground Enforcers).

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    In a battle with a large army of Exhumes her team was joined by her brothers and the Rogue XSE members Fixx, Archer and Greystone. They were fringe members who trusted only each other and were rumored to even be mad. One thing was certain they were some of the best fighters she had ever seen. Her time with the XSE and the battles has started making her question her role and theirs in helping the world. she started doubting if they were making things any better. After voicing her problem with their orders she was invited by Archer to meet with his team. They told her how her EX Fitzroy fit into their plans and she returned to XSE headquarters to spy on her team. Once their she sat in on the interrogation of Bantam Fitzroy's right hand man. Through him she realized her new team was right Fitzroy could create time portals. Once over she told the XUE and she and them broke into the prison to capture bantam. Through him they were able to breach Fitzroy's forces and subdue him thanks to Shards powers which caused his would be getaway portal to explode.

    Back at XUE headquarters she interrogated Fitzroy. Feeling that their shared history would make him more compliant she shared the XUE plan with him in hopes that they could be together and save time itself. However Fitzroy double crossed her and took her prisoner. He tried to escape again this time with shard along for the ride but She detonated his portal and rendered him unconscious. Fitzroy's words cut her deeply and she decided to take him in to the XSE and leave the XUE. Fixx warned her it would not be so easy but she still left.

    Return to the XSE and Seeming Death

    Shard returned to the XSE and picked up her life right where it had stopped. Fitzroy escaped weeks later and she carried on. Her relationship with Bishop also strained and they grew distant. One day he gave her a tip about a location where a large group of exhumes were. She took it but it turned out to be a trap it was really an Emplate nest and she and all her team were sucked dry and turned into emplate's themselves.

    She was later defeated by her brother who had her brainwaves saved into a holographic matrix projector. To do so he had to make a deal with the " witness" and the process was an experimental procedure that had never been conducted before. She now existed as brainwaves her brother carried everywhere with him.

    Waking up in the past

    Forge works on Shard in X-Factor
    Forge works on Shard in X-Factor

    When Bishop got trapped in the present day he programmed Shard's matrix into Cerebro so that she could appear almost anywhere in the mansion instead of only where Bishop was. Professor Stephens, an anti-mutant activist, stole the projector from Bishop and put Shard's matrix into an energy containment unit, hoping to find a way to control her.

    During a battle in which the projector was destroyed, it somehow merged with the energy containment unit and Shard was reborn as a photon based energy life-form. She then joined X-Factor and tried to create an X.S.E. in this time.

    A Second Death

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    Shard returned to the government-sponsored X-Factor team, and, with the assistance of Forge, attempted to turn the team into the prototype for a revival of the X.S.E. in the present day. When Sabretooth attacked X-Factor during his escape, Shard accidentally merged with Polaris. In the future, the telepathic member of Xavier Underground Enforcers (X.U.E.), Fixx who had once mind-linked with Shard when Shard had been a member of the X.S.E. splinter group, sensed that Shard was anchored in the past in human form. Using Shard as a tether, Fixx pulled the X.U.E. backwards in time to the present. The X.U.E. members eventually joined X-Factor, but the team soon broke up after the death of Havok and Greystone.

    Shard eventually found herself a victim of Trevor Fitzroy once more, when he kidnapped her to lure his arch-enemy Bishop into a trap. Bishop soon found himself in an alternate future - one in which Fitzroy was the all-powerful ruler and who held Shard captive.

    After much psychological and physical torture at the hands of Fitzroy, now called the Chronomancer, Shard was returned to flesh and blood/Life. She was held as his prisoner in a bizarre ode to the love they once shared. She had to cut off her hand to escape then aided her brother in a finale battle with Fitzroy. In a bid to defeat her former love she converted her entire being in energy and allowed Bishop to absorb her. Unfortunately his blast missed Fitzroy, and entered the portal directly behind him. She is presumed dead.


    • Known Relatives: Lucas Bishop/ Bishop (brother), Grandmother (unnamed though potentially could be M/ Monet St. Croix, deceased), Gateway (grandfather, deceased)
    • Citizenship: Citizen of the in Earth #1191
    • Place of Birth: in Earth #1191
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation:Formerly: XSE Enforcer, Adventurer & Peacekeeper)
    • Education: Unrevealed.


    Shard, X-Factor
    Shard, X-Factor
    • Gender: Female
    • Height: 5'7"
    • Weight:130 lbs. (59 Kg.)
    • Eyes: Green (glow bright green when using powers)
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Unusual Traits: Shard functionally lived a portion of her life as a photon-based lifeform.


    Shard has the ability to absorb light particles and convert it into photonic energy blasts. Her powers can also combust the portals created by Trevor Fitzroy.

    When she existed as a photon-based life form, she could phase her molecules through solid objects to become intangible. She also had the power to convert her whole body to energy after she was returned to life by Fitzroy. It's possible she possessed other light-based powers which were never developed


    Military training in armed and unarmed combat. Adept in the use of futuristic firearms.

    Alternate Realities

    Shard has yet to appear in any alternate realities besides the one she originates from.

    Other Media


    X-Men The Animated Series

    X-men: The animated Serie
    X-men: The animated Serie

    Shard appears in the episode Beyond Good and Evil Part 4, and also appears in the two part episode One Man's Worth.

    Video Games

    X-Men 3 : Mojo World

    Mojo World
    Mojo World

    In this game shard is a playable character after beating stage four. In said stage she can be unlocked.

    X-men: Battle of the Atom

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    Shard is featured in the mobile card game X-men: Battle of the Atom. Her cards are:

    • Shard
    • [X-Factor Agent] Shard


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