Sharad Hett

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    Sharad Hett was a very promising Jedi Knight, but abandoned the Order in a state of exile and joined the Tusken Raiders. There on Tatooine he fathered a son, A'Sharad Hett, who was destined to become the legendary Darth Krayt.

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    Like most members of the order, Sharad was given up at a young age to the Jedi. His parents did so of their own free will, as on Sharad's homeworld, the family whose child was raised in the service of the Jedi Order was envied by all.

    The Padawam of Eeth Koth, Sharad's fame eventually eclipsed that of his own Master: Hett was known as the most dedicated and fearless knight of his age, called by many names, including Howlrunner, the Champion of Krmar, the Nemesis of Pirates, the Defender of Kamparus, the Hound of Worlds, the Tamer of Tyrants and the Nemesis of Kimm.

    Sharad kept in touch with his birth family, but the circumstances of his apprenticeship meant he rarely found time to return to his homeworld. Eventually, his service to the Galactic Reublic meant visits to his family became less and less frequent, until one day he could bear the separation no longer. He received permission from his Master to take leave of his duties to return home for a short time. He left the Jedi Temple for the last time in 47 BBY.

    Tragically the long-awaited reunion would never occur. An alliance of offworld rivals attacked his homeworld. Every major city on the planet was razed. Millions were killed—including every member of Sharad's family.

    Grief-stricken, Sharad left the Republic forever, voluntarily exiling himself. He crash-landed on the world of Tatooine, where he eventually integrated himself with the local Tusken culture. He became a feared warlord of the Sandpeople, and taught them new ways of fighting.

    Sharad even took a wife: K'Sheek, a human woman who had been kidnapped and adopted into Tusken culture while still young. They had a son, A'Sharad, who Sharad began to train in the ways of the Jedi. A'Sharad would later inherit his father's lightsaber.

    Over a decade later, Jabba the Hutt began to incite war between the Humans and Tuskens of Tatooine as a way to sell off his stock of antiquated blasters. Sharad Hett, seeing no other option, led the Tusken tribes in the war. He was able to prevent the worst of the atrocities from occurring, and minimized civilian casualties.

    Nevertheless, he became a feared figure amongst the non-Tuskens of Tatooine and footage of what appeared to be a lightsaber-wielding Tusken reached the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where Sharad's fellow Jedi were amazed to see that he still lived.

    The Jedi Council sent Ki-Adi-Mundi to bring back Sharad, but even after finding Sharad and telling him of the reborn Sith threat, the Cerean still could not convince his fellow Jedi to return to Coruscant. Sharad believed his place was on Tatooine, with the Tuskens.

    Eventually, due to intelligence gathered by Aurra Sing, both Gardulla the Elder and Jabba launched a surprise assault on the main Tusken camp. As promised, Sharad led his people into battle, but was confronted by Aurra Sing. The Tusken easily blocked the bounty hunter's attacks but a quick Dun Moch distraction gave Aurra the opportunity she needed to plunge her lightsaber in his chest. Before dying, Sharad made Ki-Adi-Mundi promise to accept A'Sharad into the Jedi Order, and to train him as his own Padawan. Ki-Adi-Mundi agreed.


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