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Shapeshifter is an expert at manipulation and very devious. She has the power to alter her form and size to a variety shapes, from as small as a fly to as large as a dragon.

Shapeshifter was an ally of Saker and the team leader of the Destroyers. After that team was incarcerated and pretty much disbanded, she went her own way. She later manipulated Reverend Skagg into killing 1200 people, knowing that a few of them would rise again as paranormals (just like the Elementals received their powers through death). The six 'survivors' were formed into a religious task force by the Reverend and dubbed "The Rapture".

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Shapeshifter's origin (as told by her) is older than humanity. She is a being that evolved throughout the ages, always changing form to match the strongest of the species. Eventually becoming a human once they arose, at that point she blended into society and met Saker, another being who had lived throughout the ages,

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