Shaolin Robot

    Character » Shaolin Robot appears in 34 issues.

    Member of the Chinese super team, The Great Ten. For some reason it communicates only in I-Ching Hexagrams.

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    The story of the Shaolin Robot begins with China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang. In preparation for the afterlife, he had 8,000 terracotta soldiers built to protect him. He was also assisted by Lao Yuqi, a genius and inventor of the time. He created 100 automated soldiers with the Chinese I-Ching (similar to binary code) to protect him from any grave robbers.

    Upon the emperor's death, Lao Yuqi was entombed with him as the Emperor had ordered. Knowing his death would be soon, he reprogrammed one of his creations with his own insights, values and priorities. In modern times, the tomb was discovered and the soldiers awakened. They stormed Beijing as programmed in an attempt to take the Forbidden City back for the Emperor. The army was unable to stop them, but two new super functionaries of the Republic of China - August General in Iron and the Socialist Red Guardsman - were able to destroy all of them. All of them but the one who stayed in the tomb.

    The final automation was taken by Vice Premier Jiang to the Great Wall Complex and revived. After some cosmetic and weaponry enhancements, the Shaolin Robot was unveiled and made a member of the Great Ten. Although the robot can only speak in it's I-Ching code, it is capable of transmitting it's thoughts and philosophies to other technology.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Shaolin Robot is a fearless member of the Great Ten, extremely loyal and equipped with high tech weaponry. Shaolin Robot has an energy blaster for a right arm and the other arm produces an energy blade. It can also fly.


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