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    30th century cemetery for dead Super-Heroes.

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    The first appearance of Shanghalla was in Adventure Comics #341 Febuarary of 1966 titled "The Wierdo Legionnaire". It was a fictional planetoid and memorial for fallen heroes of the galaxies. The idea was thought up by Edmond Hamilton and Kurt Swan. The name was a combination of the Tibetan word Shangri-La and the Viking work Valhalla, both legendary places of rest for heroes.


    Original Continuity: New Earth

    Isle of  Memorials in Space
    Isle of Memorials in Space

    The memorial planetoid dubbed Shanghalla was set aside to be the final resting place of the most renown heroes across the 31st Centuries Galaxy. The Legion of Super-Heroes would build a memorial to their first fallen comrade Ferro Lad who died defeating a Sun-Eater and saving the galaxy. As the Legion would later have several visits to Shanghalla in their history as the death toll for its members continued to grow in the future.

    However there were various other heroes from across the universe entombed much before a Legionnaire was ever buried there. Shanghalla has always been a place of legends, out of the way from almost any nearby spaceport, secluded in its own isolation.

    The Entombed of Shanghalla

    Ferro Lad: The first Legionnaire to be memorialized at Shanghalla.

    Triplicate Girl: Who would loose one of her three selves by destruction from Computo.

    Invisible Kid:- Who died being crushed by the Fatal Five monster Validus.

    Chemical King:- sadly the Legionnaire would die of high levels of radiation poisoning when he prevented a nuclear device from starting a new galaxy wide war.

    Karate Kid: Former member of the Legion and Royal consort to Sensor Girl he would sacrifice his life to save her and her native home planet of Orando.

    Blok: The gentle Legionnaire killed by the villainy Roxxas.

    Laurel Gand: Daxamite from the the "5-Year Gap" period in the Legion history. Died of massive burned from taking the brunt of the impact from Khund bomb while saving Webers World.

    Magnetic Kid: Another Legionnaire who would sacrifice himself to open up the Archmage's seal on the planet Zerox.

    Colossal Boy: Post Zero-Hour included the burial of Colossal Boy who died while battling Dr.Regulas and protecting fellow Legionnaires.

    Kid Quantum: James Cullen the original Post Zero Hour Kid Quantum would die due to a malfunction in his Statis belt.

    Beast Boy: The only member of the Heroes of Lallor to have died, sacrificed himself to save a child from a crazed beast.

    Braino of Mrynah: The epithet on the tomb of Braino reads "Noblest of being of all time". At one time after being convinced by Matter-Eater Lad the hero Polar Boy don a cone shaped head piece in an attempt to play insane while in court.

    Leeta-87: Valiant heroine who defeated various villain's during the 30th century who died from slipping on a banyo-fruit peel. The Legionnaire Ultra Boy would revive the tail in a play based on her life's work.


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