Shane Shooter

    Character » Shane Shooter appears in 27 issues.

    Shane Shooter is a teenage mutant from Beverly Hills, with the ability to emit energy-like bullets from his fingertips.

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    Origin and History


    When the former X-Man known as Jubilee briefly moved to Beverly Hills, California, she came across a fellow mutant known as Shane Shooter. Shane instantly became attracted to her, flirting with her and imagining himself as her boyfriend.

    Jubilee at first found him too rough around the edges, as he was a local gang member and didn't care much about his future. This motivated him to get his act together, and he soon began to act more like a contributing member of society.

    When Jubilee needed help tracking down the person responsible for stealing her teacher's car, she went to Shane for assistance. The two of them confronted several gangs in the area until they found the culprits. As a result, a shootout started, forcing both Shane and Jubilee to openly use their powers in front of one another for the first time. They found cover behind several large crates, and defeated the gang with their energy powers after a heated battle. This resulted in the return of the car that belonged to Jubilee's teacher.

    After the confrontation, Shane was given a chance to date the former X-Man. They went to a high school dance, but found it boring. Instead, they went out for burgers at a local diner. On their return back to Jubilee's aunt Hope's house, they came across Wolverine who came to visit his former sidekick. They were all caught up in a mob war, along with aunt Hope and her butler, Brad. The three mutants fought alongside Hope and Brad, but the result was catastrophic. Brad was shot and hospitalized as a side effect of the brawl, and Jubilee's aunt was presumed dead due to an explosion in her house.

    When the battle was over, Shane had to part ways with his crush and friend, Jubilee. She returned back to the Xavier Institute with Wolverine, as her only surviving family member was missing after the blast.



    The full effects of Shane Shooter's mutant abilities are unknown. He has, however, been seen shooting energy-like bursts out of his fingertips with great accuracy.


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