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    Granted her luck powers through supernatural means, Molly Fitzgerald become the crime fighting hero known as Shamrock.

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    Lady of Lost Souls
    Lady of Lost Souls

    Shamrock (also known as as Molly Fitzgerald) is an Irish superhero born in Dunshaughlin, Ireland. When Molly was 3 years old, she obtained her powers inadvertently. Her father took her and her brother to the north mountains in Ireland where their father prayed to the Gods to give his son, not Molly, great powers to strike down his father's enemies. Although nothing appeared to happen and they left the mountain, unsuccessful.

    Many, many years later when Molly was in college, Molly would find that her father didn't fail. She found that she had a special protective aura that emanated from her body that granted her good luck. It was at that point that Molly became the costumed hero Shamrock.


    Shamrock was created by Bill Mantlo and John Romita Jr. and first appeared in Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions issue 1 (1982), Marvel's first limited-series.

    Major Story Arcs

    Contest of Champions

    Catch a Shamrock
    Catch a Shamrock

    Shamrock is most known in her battles with several other superheroes when the Grandmaster transported her to participate in the Contest of Champions. She was originally brought to these battles when she had saved a group of school children that she taught from a terrorist bomb. She was then teleported away by the Grandmaster with hundreds of other heroes and villains from Earth. They were all there so that the Grandmaster and Death could choose their Champions. Before the teams were selected, all were aloud to meet each other. It was then that Shamrock and Captain Britain met and quickly began to dislike each other. This was due to their countries histories against each other. It would be rather fitting then that they end up on opposing teams. Shamrock would be assigned to Death's team and Captain Britain to Grandmaster's team. In the end she wins a small victory for her team, but in the end her team loses over-all. Once done all the heroes are returned home.

    Hero on Earth

    Luck be a Lady!
    Luck be a Lady!

    Upon returning home, Shamrock would continue her super heroics in her native homeland of Ireland. She aided Earth and ROM against the Dire Wraiths and was successful. Afterwards though she would retire and become a primary school teacher. She would continue as a teacher until news of her family reached her. She was told by her father that her brother, Paddy, was killed. She would leave immediately to see her father.

    Once there he attempted to sway her to doing crimes for her father. Disagreeing with him, her father would drug her and turn her over to Arnim Zola. He wanted to see if Arnim could duplicate her powers or even transfer them to her father. While Shamrock was being experimented on, her powers reacted and began to flare out. Her powers grew exponentially and began destroying Arnim's machinery and building. She even managed to destroy Arnim's cybernetic body. Angered that Molly ruined his plans, her father would pull a gun on her. He was intent to kill her. When he pulled the trigger, her powers reacted and the gun exploded, killing him instead.

    Following these events she continued to fight crime a little while longer. She even fought alongside the Canadian heroes of Alpha Flight, but her time as a hero was coming to a close.

    Luck Runs Out

    While at home, Molly in her washroom and broke her left leg. This was the moment that convinced her that her powers were gone and her luck had run out. She then retired her Shamrock costume and focused in on her career as a hairdresser. She was very successful and had a great reputation. She became the "Most sought after hairdresser in all of Europe." She even has superheroes as her clients, including: Kitty Pryde and Wolfsbane previously of Excalibur and from the Avengers, the Wasp.

    Powers and Abilities

    Monkey in the middle!
    Monkey in the middle!

    Shamrock has the probability altering power to give herself "Good Luck" and give though against her "Bad Luck." Shamrock's powers come from innocent victims that died during the time of war. She is actually possessed by these sprites. These poltergeists come to aid Shamrock in time of need for a short amount a time to bring her good luck in her current situation. These spirits are her main power, as she does not use any weapons in battle.

    It appears that Shamrock has no control over her power. It acts out when it wishes to. Her luck power can affect things within a 20 foot radius of Shamrock. Shamrock is an above average athlete and is trained in unarmed combat.


    • Known Relatives: Mr. Fitzgerald (father, deceased), Mrs. Fitzgerald (mother, deceased) & Paddy Fitzgerald (brother, deceased).
    • Citizenship: Citizen of the Republic of Ireland, with no criminal record.
    • Place of Birth: Dunshaughlin, Ireland
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Highly sought after Hairstylist (Formerly: Adventurer, Teacher & Student)
    • Education: College Graduate


    • Gender: Female
    • Height: 5'10"
    • Weight: 135 lbs
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Red

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-691: Guardians Of The Galaxy

    Shamrock 691
    Shamrock 691

    The reality takes place in the 31st century along with the superhero group known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. Here Shamrock is an ally of Cuchulain.

    At the end of the War of the Worlds and the upcoming conquest of Earth by the Martians, Doctor Druid gave Shamrock the responsibility of guarding the Book of Kells, which now contained the history of the Martian invasion, until humanity was once again ready to take control of the planet. Due to her powers and the immortality granted to her by the souls of those inside her, she was the most likely choice.

    As a companion, Doctor Druid removed the soul of the greatest warrior of all of Ireland, Cuchulain, to keep her company and assist in protecting the book. They did so together in the prehistoric tomb Newgrange until the Guardians of the Galaxy of the 31st century came for the book to give to the newly formed civilization in New York.

    Shamrock and Cuchulain went on to start their own renewed civilization in Europe.

    Earth-2149: Marvel Zombies

    Zombie Shamrock
    Zombie Shamrock

    Most of the human population have been eaten by its super-human zombie population. Zombie Shamrock, Tigra, and Moon Knight encounter Deadpool. Deadpool defeats Shamrock using her powers against her, resulting in her death - again.


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