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There's no time for slacking these days as Yoh and his friends race to the rescue of their one-time rival Tao Ren! Ren's dad has strict ideas about how a Tao should behave, and Ren's recent rebellion has earned him a stay in the family dungeons. But Yoh's influence has already started to wear off on Ren, who now has a new weapon against his father's terror tactics, and a group of friends to back him up! But the Tao stronghold is a strange and dangerous place, full of fear and monsters. Will friendship be enough to counter the bloody Way of the Tao?

Chapter Titles

  • Reincarnation 72 - A Tale of Two Men
  • Reincarnation 73 - Warth of the Dao-She Maiden
  • Reincarnation 74 - Tao Yúan: The Immortal Secret
  • Reincarnation 75 - Over Soul: Dà Dào Wáng
  • Reincarnation 76 - The End of the Tao
  • Reincarnation 77 - Shamen on the Road
  • Reincarnation 78 - The Future King
  • Reincarnation 79 - Patch Airlines
  • Reincarnation 80 - Sky High

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