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    Shalako lived nearly ten-thousand years ago in Atlantis in the years preceding the "Great Deluge".

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    He was the brother of Orin, ruler of Atlantis' capital city, Poseidonis. Shalako and Orin were close to one another, but differed greatly in terms of philosophy and ideology. While Orin was a technocrat, Shalako was a mystic, who followed in the traditions of the great Atlantean sorcerers like Arion. Shalako worshiped Suula, goddess of the sky.

    When King Orin initiated a plan to erect a protective dome around Poseidonis, Shalako protested, citing that to cut the city off from the sky was an affront to Suula, and that by doing so, all Atlantis would suffer Suula's wrath. Orin felt that practicality took priority over superstition, and completed construction of the dome in order to ward off invading tribes. Shalako warned that Suula would curse Atlantis for such a blight to her glory.

    Shalako's predictions of Suula's wrath did in fact come to pass. Whether Suula herself orchestrated the coming disaster is unclear, but only a short time later, a massive meteor struck the Earth, causing worldwide geological upheaval. Shalako prayed to Suula for salvation, but when the goddess failed to respond to his prayers, he turned his attention towards the dark gods. Poseidonis survived due to Orin's near-impregnable dome, but thousands of Atlanteans were killed. Atlantis sunk beneath the waves of the sea, nestled atop the remains of the very meteor which caused its destruction.

    He is the father of Dardanus, who sired a child with Cora, the monstrous Kordax. This child was feared and hated by the Atlanteans and all descendants with blonde hair (known as the Curse of Kordax) were exiled by their society.


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