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    Former writer and survivor of the Crossed infection.

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    Shaky was a writer in London when the Crossed epidemic broke out. He managed to get out of London unscathed.


    Shaky was created by writer Simon Spurrier and artist Javier Barreno.

    Major Story Arcs

    Roaming the countrysides of England, Shaky comes across the Gamekeeper and his group of survivors. As there is safety in numbers, Shaky joins the Gamekeeper's group. In Scotland, the group comes across an elderly home, where Sister Teresa nurses the surviving elders. Fancying Sister Teresa, the Gamekeeper manages to get the elders infected, so Teresa has no other choice to join the Gamekeeper's group. Shaky slowly discovers the truth about the Gamekeeper's mental games. Shaky becomes defiant and eventually kills the Gamekeeper to protect Sister Teresa from further harm.

    Eventually, Shaky ends up on the Orkney Islands, where Don and Rab lead a group of survivors. When the time comes to get supplies of the mainland, Shaky manipulates the lottery which decide which four members of the group would go to the mainland, so he would get picked.

    On the mainland, with Tabitha, Seline, Jackson and Viceroy, Shaky comes across other survivors, often hostile. Seline gets killed by the Crossed, Jackson gets missing and Viceroy becomes infected shortly after returning to the Orkney Islands, so Shaky kills him.

    At one point, Americans arrive in large ships, their first meeting with people from another continent. They learn that probably the whole Earth is infected by the Crossed epidemic. Shortly after returning from a tour on one of their ships, Shaky discovers that Tabitha is pregnant.


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