Character » Shakti appears in 117 issues.

    Shakti is the eternal power given by the Hindu goddess Kali to a normal woman Chanda. Her main motive is to protect women around the world from crime, injustice and brutality.

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    Chanda was a housewife until she discovered that her husband was killing their daughters. Her fury at this injustice sent smoke up to heaven, and the goddess Kali answered by transforming Chanda into Shakti, and using Shakti to kill the man. Shakti is Kali-Ma's physical incarnation in this world.


    Chanda was created by Anupam Sinha, an influential Indian artist at Raj Comics based in New Delhi.

    Major Story Arcs

    The cries of women hurt and unjustly treated everywhere in the world are heard by Shakti, who streaks to them in a stream of light and brings the wrongdoers to justice (which, in her case, means killing them).

    Shakti has crossed paths with other Raj Comics superheroes, treating them as enemies until learning otherwise.

    Powers and Abilities

    As Shakti, her powers are godlike; she is incredibly fast and strong. Her third eye can emit a fire beam which will incinerate whomever it's focused on.


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