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    Shagreen was a powerful sorcerer whose reputation had inspired awe and fear from all those around him.

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    Brief History

    The X-man Nightcrawler encountered the sorcerer when he and Lockheed where stranded in another dimension. While Nightcrawler at first fought alongside some pirates, he soon angered them and he was sold as a slave to Shagreen, a powerful shark-like wizard coming from that world.

    Shagreen, in the meantime, had kidnapped a princes and planed to sacrifice her for more power. Nightcrawler and Lockheed interveened and saved the princes after Shagreen apparently fell to his death. Not soon after, the X-man and Lockheed where teleported to yet another dimension, a world full of Bamfs; creatures with a great resemblance to Nightcrawler. There they met Shagreen again, whom had survived his fall and had also teleported to this new dimension. He wanted revenge on Nightcrawler and kidnapped all the Bamfs. This way, Nightcrawler had to come meet Shagreen on his own terms, and that way, he would have a better way to kill him. Nightcrawler eventually managed to save the Bamfs, with help from other heroes from that world, whom had a smashing resemblance to his X-men friends. A lengthy battle with Shagreen resulted, in witch he was captured and taken away by the heroes of that world. He was not seen again.


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