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Young Shaggy and his pal ...a pup named Scooby-Doo
Young Shaggy and his pal ...a pup named Scooby-Doo
  • Early Childhood and Early Teens
  • Norville Rogers is the eldest child and only son of Captain Samuel Chastain Rogers of the Coolsville police department and his wife. Nicknamed "Shaggy" because of his unruly hair, Norville was an extremely mellow child who came from an exciting and prominent family, Shaggy enjoyed eating large portion meals, reading comics ( his favorites superheros being Commander Cool (whom he would emulate several times) and the Blue Scarab (whom he would clash with one day).
  • Shaggy eventually met a talking Great Dane puppy from an equally wild family and the two formed one of the most well known friendships in history. In middle school, The two buds eventually formed an detective group known as the Scooby-Doo Detective Agency alongside close friends Frederick "Fred" Jones ( a hyperactive, sci-fi nut and conspiracy theorist who often made wild unfounded accusations involving aliens,mole men, or the local bully Red Herring), Daphne Blake ( a slightly spoiled rich girl cursed with habitual sarcasm and skepticism), and Velma Dinkly ( the soft spoken girl genius). The group apprehended legions of oddball monsters including The Headless Skateboarder, The Ghost Of Buster McMuttmauler and Chickenstein all of which were eventually revealed to be real people posing as monsters to mask crimes.

The Big Leagues-Shaggy's Late Teens

Eventually the group (now known as Mystery Inc. and in their mid to late teens) began to gain more

The Gangs All Here
The Gangs All Here

notoriety especially after their very first major case when they foiled a museum curator who was posing as the legendary Black Knight in order to pilfer from the museum where he worked.

The group's cases often came up at the worst possible moments (usually vacations and trips). Shaggy and Scooby would almost always have to be bribed with "Scooby Snacks", a popular snack food (often mistaken for a dog treat) and used as bait to lure monsters into Fred's elaborate but often ineffectual traps.During these travels the group would meet some extremely famous people including The Harlem Globetrotters, The Addams Family, and Jeanie the Genie (whom Scooby developed a crush on). Shaggy and Scooby even helped Batman and Robin take down The Joker and the Penguin TWICE, proving themselves to be a Dynamic Duo in their own right. The group eventually took in Scooby's nephew Scrappy(who often referred to Shaggy as Uncle Shaggy).

Time Goes On

Fred and Velma left the group a while later for unspecified reasons, but Mystery Inc lived on with Shaggy now the unofficial leader. After a few mysteries in the "the classic fashion" the group would come face to face with its greatest challenge yet. When the group ended up in Tibet (while trying to head to Honolulu of all places) Shaggy and Scooby were duped by a duo of mischievous ghosts named Bogel and Weerd into opening a cursed chest which had served as a prison for Thirteen of the most vicious and powerful demons to ever walk the earth. The gang was soon confronted by Vincent Van Ghoul, a powerful and benevolent warlock who angrily informed Shaggy and company that because they let the demons out, it fell upon them to recapture them and if they failed, the demons would inflict grievous and irreparable damage upon the earth.

Though furious with them, Van Ghoul provided invaluable advice and assistance on their quest. Along the way they even gained a new member (a street smart young Mexican boy known only as Flim-Flam. The Group presumably captured all the demons (though only 11 were actually seen captured) and went their separate ways.

A Normal Life.....In Your Dreams Shaggy!!!

Shaggy in the 80's
Shaggy in the 80's

Though Mystery Inc had disbanded, ghosts still managed to curse Shaggy's life. Shaggy's favorite Uncle Beauregard left him a southern plantation. After making it to the estate, he Scooby, and Scrappy were extremely shocked when they were attacked by several ghosts such as a skull ghost who claims that the jewels are rightfully his, a headless horsemen with a vicious wolf for a pet, and a soldier who looks like Shaggy's uncle who repeatedly warns them to leave the estate. The trio learned that Uncle Beauregard had left Shaggy a fortune in gold and precious jewels but Shaggy had to find special notes hidden all over the estate in order to find the main stash. In order to defend themselves from the ghosts as well as an escaped gorilla and their hillbilly neighbors, the crew hired a group of ghost hunters called the Boo Brothers who happened to be ghosts themselves (and extremely goofy and inept ones at that).

The group eventually finds stash and prove that the ghost was in truth the brother of the county sheriff. They leave the house to the Boo Brothers as a thank you and and donate the money to orphans, which particularly touches the Boo Brothers, because they were orphans when they were alive. The Trio encounters the true ghost of Shaggy's uncle once more before heading home.

The Grimwood Girls
The Grimwood Girls

Sometime later Shaggy gains a gym teacher position at the Grimwood School for Ghouls (he misread the contract and thought it was for girls). Though he and Scooby are initially scared and reluctant to stay, they eventually become close to the students (who are all daughters of famous monsters). The students are eventually targeted by a witch named Revolta who wishes to enslave them. Using her powers she tricks Shaggy into taking the girls to Baron Bog where she her minions capture the children one by one. With the help of the Calloway Cadets ( a group of boys from the neighboring military school) and Matches (the pet dragon of Shaggy's boss Ms.Grimwood) The crew rescues the girls and destroys Revolta's castle. At a party celebrating the girls safe return the boys resign from their teaching positions(due to the prospect of new students) and head home but not before giving the girls a heartfelt goodbye in true grim wood fashion: A wild werewolf howl.

When the trio is next seen, Shaggy has become a race car driver, he now has a girlfriend named Googie and seems to be content.

Bad Moon Rising
Bad Moon Rising

Shaggy's new found happiness is shattered when he is turned into a werewolf by Dracula who promises to only change him back only if Shaggy wins a race against the most terrifying monsters on earth. Despite numerous sabotage attempts, Shaggy and company wins the race and escapes Dracula's castle with the magic book that allows The group to turn Shaggy back to normal.

Return Of Mystery Inc

After being fired from their newest job (customs officers) for eating all the contraband foodstuffs, Shaggy and Scooby are contacted by Fred Jones who is now working as a cameraman for Daphne who is now the host of her own talk show. After running through a virtual gauntlet of genuine monsters (Cat Creatures and Zombies in New Orleans,Witches, Ghosts, and Warlocks in New England, Aliens in New Mexico, and a living computer virus, the gang has officially reformed and begun their classic adventures anew.

Secret Agent Man

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Shaggy recently inherited the mansion and possessions of his mega rich uncle Albert Shaggaford who had disappeared and was assumed dead. Shaggy and Scooby soon learned that Shaggaford was a genius inventor and secret agent who had left on an undercover mission.

Shaggy and Scooby soon meet Albert's arch nemesis Dr.Phineas Phibes, a one handed evil genius seeking immortality and world domination. The two use their new resources to stop Phibes evil schemes.

Mystery Incorporated Reboot In the rebooted continuity, Shaggy is the only child of the wealthy Colton Rogers and Anne. His parents are embarrassed because of Shaggy and Scooby's silliness. Shaggy was romantically involved with Velma Dinkley, but the 2 have split up due to Shaggy's closeness to Scooby.

Abilities, Skills, and Powers

Shaggy is an accomplished gymnast (took gymnastics in High-school) and athlete as evidenced by his constant running and jumping during mysteries. Shaggy is also an skilled driver (he utilized these skill countless times in Scooby-Doo and the reluctant werewolf. Shaggy has also developed some impressive mystery solving skills during his time with Mystery Inc, he utilized these skills to solve the many riddles throughout Scooby-Doo and The Boo Brothers. Shaggy is also an accomplished master of disguise and ventriloquist.

Shaggy was briefly was briefly transformed into a werewolf as a result of an eon old prophecy and Dracula's scheming.

Though he seemed feral at first (constantly growling at people, it was actually a bad case of hiccups) he retained his human personality 100 percent of the time. It is reasonable to assume he had all the same powers as a traditional werewolf even though he did not utilize them


Shaggy basic personality is an extremely mellow young man with a goofy sense of humor (which constantly annoyed Velma) .

around the late 80's ,Shaggy became slightly more of a straight man often chastising Scooby for his cowardice and belief of monsters, but reverting to his own cowardly ways once Scooby's suspicions were confirmed, but for the most part Shaggy has been the most unchanged character apart from Scooby throughout the entire series.


Shaggy comes from a large and prominent family that detectives, policemen, pranksters, millionaires,and soldier. Shaggy loves all his family members but is closest to his sister Maggie who he described as his favorite person besides Scooby.

Love Interests

Sadie Mae Scroggins
Sadie Mae Scroggins

- an extremely attractive and kind southern girl who was deeply infatuated with Shaggy during his time at the Beauregard Plantation.She enthusiastically pursued Shaggy's heart, even going so far as trying to marry him despite the fact that the Scroggins family have been feuding with the Beauregard family for over a hundred years.


- Shaggy's perky blonde girlfriend from Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf. Not much is known about her, except that she was deeply in love with Shaggy but was constantly irritated by his inattentiveness which is presumably the reason they are no longer together.

Madelyn Dinkly
Madelyn Dinkly

-Velma's younger sister and a magicians apprentice who has a crush on Shaggy since childhood.

She sees him in a way similar to the way Scrappy sees Scooby.


-alien secret agent sent to investigate signals from our planet, genuinely cared for Shaggy but had to return home.

Transportation and Equipment Mystery Machine-Mystery Inc's primary mode of transportation .

this groovy van is co-owned by Shaggy and Fred, it has a number of amazing sleuthing gadgets inside.

During his time at the Grimwood School, Shaggy used a red and white version, during his time as a Werewolf he used a race car known as the Wolf Wagon with various odd and amazing attachments

.The Mystery Machine was upgraded by Shaggy after moving into his uncle Albert's home.

Classic Mystery Machine
Classic Mystery Machine

Shaggy and Scooby have a defective robot butler named Robi and a special batch of Scooby-Snacks with nanobots inside them that can grant various powers

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