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    The Shaggy Man is an immensely powerful creature created through genetic engineering, whose strength and regenerative powers are so considerable that it can fight the entire Justice League to a stalemate.

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    Given Life
    Given Life

    Before the robotic version of Shaggy Man, there once existed a race of homo prerectus that dominated the planet Rann until they died out about a billion years ago. Shaggy Man was a robotic creature created my Professor Andrew Zagarian with "plastalloy".

    Character Evolution

    Shaggy Man was created from dead body parts and plastalloy, becoming an extremely strong but mindless synthetic being. Various applications have been utilized to defeat each incarnation of it, ranging from burial deep into the sea, to placing an entire mountain on top of him. The sole purpose of Shaggy Man is destruction and mayhem. A Bizarro World version of Shaggy Man existed in the pre-Crisis universe.


    The Shaggy Man is a DC character created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky. His first appearance was in Justice League of America #45.

    Major Story Arcs

    When the robot came to life, it went on a rampage that not even the JLA could stop. The Flash persuaded Zagarian to create another Shaggy Man with the theory that they would destroy each other. But Hector Hammond captured one of them and sent it to the JLA satellite so that it would destroy them all. Green Lantern trapped it and Aquaman imprisoned it in a trench deep in the Pacific Ocean. Later General Wade Eiling transferred his consciousness into the body shaved off the fur and became the General. There was a third shaggy man who appeared in Lex Luthor's Injustice League Unlimited.

    There have been three Shaggy Man's. The first Shaggy Man's body was recovered by General Wade Eiling who placed his brain into the body because of a brain tumour he hoped would be cured due to the creature's regenerative properties. The body had been destroyed during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    The second Shaggy Man is in a plane orbiting space where Batman lured him to and the third Shaggy Man made an appearance when super villains stormed the Wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary. He was sent to an unknown planet where the villains were being dropped off during Salvation Run. His current whereabouts are unknown. .

    Recently Simon Stagg turned his henchman Java into a fourth Shaggy Man who was ultimately defeated by Freight Train.

    New 52

    When the JLA team located the headquarters of The Secret Society in a secluded mansion, they infiltrated the base but were attacked by an android of The shaggy Man, who in this universe is created by Professor Ivo.

    Powers and Abilities

    Outsiders #35
    Outsiders #35

    The various incarnations of Shaggy man have incredible superhuman strength, making them among the strongest beings on the planet. They possess superhuman endurance, invulnerability and regeneration.

    Other Media

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    The Shaggy Man makes several cameos, in episodes such as "Long Arm of the Law" and "Legends of the Dark Mite".


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