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    Shadows of the Empire was a comic book story arc that was a part of a multimedia project by Lucas arts that encompassed the time between Star Wars Episodes five and six. Evolution is a sequel that takes place one year after Return of the Jedi.

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    Taking place a few months after The Empire Strikes Back, while on board the Redemption, the rebels are spotted by an Imperial fleet. Luke, still recovering from his battle from Darth Vader, does not participate in the battle, and instead allows Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron to engage the fleet.

    Meanwhile, on board the Executor, Darth Vader is contacted by Emperor Palpatine for his failure to capture Skywalker on Bespin. He then orders Vader to arrange the Death Star II plans with the Black Sun crime boss, Prince Xizor. After speaking with the Emperor, Xizor informs his humanoid droid, Guri his plans to take Vader's place as the Emperor's right hand by killing Luke Skywalker.

    Above the planet Tatooine, the bounty hunter, Boba Fett makes his way to deliver the carbonite Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt, but he is attacked by another bounty hunter, IG-88D. Fett manages to destroy IG-88D, but Slave I took too much damage to land safely to Jabba. With no other choice, Boba heads for Ord Mantell for repairs.

    On board the Executor, Darth Vader hires a bounty hunter named Wrenga Jixton or "Jix", knowing that Luke Skywalker will be headed to Jabba the Hutt to recuse Han Solo. Vader wants him to pose as one of Jabba's henchman and makes sure to capture Skywalker and bring him in.

    Later, both Luke and Leia received contact from Lando Calrissian, that Boba Fett is on the planet, Gall with the help of the bounty hunter, Dash Rendar. The group comes up with a plan consisting of Luke leading Rogue Squadron to cause a distraction above the planet, alerting the Imperials station there, while Render leads Lando, Leia, and Chewbacca to Boba Fett's location. While on the planet, the bounty hunters' Bossk and Zuckuss confronts Boba on Han Solo's bounty wanting him to share it. Fett refuses, and shoots a sniper that was placed to shoot him. Fett then realizes that Bossk and Zuckuss were distractions and that other bounty hunters were breaking into his ship to steal Han.

    As Luke and Rouge Squadron carry out the plan, Lando Leia and Chewbacca follow Dash in his Outrider with the Millennium Falcon, but as they reach the spaceport where Boba's ship is located, tie fighters appear. Dash abandons the group stating that he wasn't paid to shoot, leaving them to deal with the tie fighters. Meanwhile, Luke and Rouge Squadron are forced to withdraw as Imperials reinforcements arrive. When Luke begins to make the jump to lightspeed, Wes Janson fires at Luke's X-wing due to his R2 unit taking control of his ship. Thanks to the Force, Luke was able to destroy Janson's R2 unit without damaging the ship. After Boba Fett takes care of the intruders in his ship, he immediately takes off. Leia and the group are forced to retreat as well as the Falcon suffered damage.

    Back at the Rebel's base, the group finds out that someone paid the technician to program Janson's R2 unit to kill Luke. In order to find out who wants to kill Luke, Leia decides to make contact with the Black Sun leader, Xizor unaware that he is responsible for wanting Luke dead. Leia then tells Luke to lay low on Tatooine.

    On Tatooine, Jix makes contact with Jabba the Hutt's swoop gang and meets their leader, Big Gizz after taking Gizz partner, Spiker's swoop bike. Impressed by his skills, Gizz takes Jix to Jabba to become part of the gang. While at Jabba's Palace, Jabba informs the gang that Luke Skywalker is on Tatooine and gives the order to kill him due to Xizor's command. Meanwhile at Obi-Wan Kenobi's hut, Luke finished building a new lightsaber thanks to a book Kenobi had. As he pondered on how to test it out, Big Gizz and his swoop gang attack him. Luke steals one of swoop gang's bike and heads straight for Begger's Canyon to loose them. Spiker gets a clear shot to shoot Luke, but Jix rams his swoop bike causing a collision between him, Spiker, and Gizz. Just when Luke reaches a dead end, Dash Rendar comes from behind causing the other swoop gang to retreat. Rendar explains to Luke that he was hired by Leia for protection. The two head back to Obi-Wan's hut. Jix, breaking his leg during the collision notice Luke and Dash riding away, when Gizz walks up wounded from the crash. He figures who Jix really is and gets ready to shoot at Luke, when Jix bashes him over the head with a rock leaving him for dead.

    Meanwhile, Boba Fett is hiding in an asteroid field in order to plan his next move to bring Han to Jabba. Down in Fett's cargo hold, 4-LOM, a droid that Boba apparently destroyed when he was trying to steal Han on Gall, reactivates and sends a signal to Bossk and Zuckuss of Fett's location. Despite Fett destroying 4-LOM for good, it was too late as Bossk and his crew apprehends him. One of Bossk's men, Furlag leads Boba to his own holding cell, but Fett activates a trap door underneath him. Fett then takes out all the bounty hunters on his ship except Zuckuss keeping him alive so he can distract Bossk on the comlink. Boba plants a bomb in Bossk's transport ship and as the ship reaches Bossk's ship it explodes, giving Boba a chance to escape.

    Later, the Emperor, along with Xizor witness Luke Skywalker and Bothan technicians steal the plans for the Second Death Star hoping to set a trap for him. On Kothlis, Luke awaits the Bothans to decode the Second Death Star when Barabel bounty hunters raid the hideout. Luke held them off giving the Bothans time to escape, but gets captured instead. He then learns about the two bounties on his head: Alive for Darth Vader, dead from Xizor.

    Leia and Chewie are aboard Guri's starfighter the Stinger preparing for the trip to Coruscant to meet with Xizor. In order to hide themselves, the two poses as bounty hunters. As they made their way underneath Coruscant, they are greeted by Xizor. He then invites Leia for dinner at his private chambers where he tries to seduce her. Thanks to Chewie's interruption, Leia realizes what he is doing to her and distracts him while Chewie escapes to get help. However, Xizor planned for this an intentionally allowed him to escape so he could bring Skywalker.

    Meanwhile, Luke manages to escape his captives thanks to his Jedi training and with both R2-D2 and Lando and make their escape before Vader arrives. The group then receive a transmission from Chewie that Leia is being held prisoner. Together with Dash, the group head for Coruscant.

    On Tatooine, Jix informs Darth Vader that someone had placed a bounty hunter for Luke dead under his name. Vader concludes that it was Xizor trying to set him up and heads straight to Coruscant.

    Luke and his friends managed to sneak in Xizor palace and rescue Leia. The group then confronts Xizor and his guards resulting in a battle. In order to make their escape, Lando threatens Xizor with thermal detonators, stopping the battle after dropping a few in the garbage chute. Both parties quickly rushed out of the palace with Luke and his group on the Falcon while Xizor escapes in his ship as the palace exploded.

    As Xizor makes his way to his Skyhook, a huge battle takes place with tie fighters and Rouge Squadron in the mix. On the Executor. Vader confronts Xizor on a holgram and warned Xizor to stay away from Luke, and he thus orders the Imperial fleet to destroy Xizor's skyhook. A huge explosion takes place and using the debris to their advantage,the Rebels, along with the Luke party escape, however, Dash Randar apparently perishes as they made their escape (however this was false as he made the jump to lightspeed at the last second).

    On Tatooine, Fett fools the bounty hunters with a disguised Zuckuss and a covered up 4-LOM that would seem to be himself and a carbonite block speeding away from the Slave I. The real Fett gives the actual carbonite block of Han to Jabba, and he receives his payment. Meanwhile, Luke, Leia, Lando, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO prepare to rescue Han from Jabba the Hutt.


    One year after Return of the Jedi, Prince Xizor niece, Savan is searching for Xizor's personal droid Guri, who is revealed to be alive and holds all the information on Black Sun. Guri still uncertain about her future, decides to discover her human side and goes on a journey to become her own person. Luke and his friends, learning that Guri is alive, decides to search for her in order to keep the Black Sun's secret Intel from spreading.


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