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    Group of magic-aligned characters most notable for fighting the Spectre during the events of Day of Vengeance.

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    Enchantress, Ragman and Detective Chimp put the team together on impulse when the Spectre made the decision to destroy all magic in the world. Blue Devil, Nightshade, and Nightmaster joined them in their battle and the latter named the team the "Shadowpact".

    After the battle they protect El Paso,TX from the debris from the Rock of Eternity. However they were unaware of Jaime Reyes finding the Blue Beetle Scarab and becoming the next Blue Beetle himself.

    They also later help Tim Drake round up metahumans in Blüdhaven before its destruction and meet the young magic user Darla Aquista.

    They later made their headquarters in the Oblivion Bar owned by Jim Rook and located in a magical dimension accessible only to mystics.

    During the Day of Vengeance the Shadowpact worked with other magic mystics to rebuild the Rock of Eternity and it was Detective Chimp who decides to have Captain Marvel throw the Helm of Fate in the air (as it doesn't fit him) so Fate itself can choose a new Doctor Fate.

    The Shadowpact battle a villain group called the Pentacle whose members are similar to the Shadowpact. The Pentacle, led by the sorceress Strega, forms a impenetrable shield of solid blood over Riverrock, Wyoming and systematically begins to kill the townspeople as a means to summon the Lord of Light. The Shadowpact enter the town with the help of the Phantom Stranger.

    The Pentacle captured the Shadowpact , except for Detective Chimp, who was taken away by Karnevil, who tortures him. While magically imprisoned, the White Rabbit proposes to free the Shadowpact members so Nightmaster may hone his skills and battle him in a future match. Nightmaster agrees, and following their release, Enchantress attacks White Rabbit because she didn't trust him. They find Chimp and overpower the Pentacle, Enchantress break Strega’s spell in exchange of 1 year (which passes immeadtly) of the whole town.

    Shadowpact were targeted by a large group of villains such as Blue Moon, Wild Huntsman, and The Congregation under the orders of a new villain who has spent millennia underground named Doctor Gotham, who set his sights on getting rid of the Shadowpact. Strega was his ally, and he was responsible for the previous threats against the Shadowpact .

    Enchantress and Ragman were turned into hellhounds by the Wild Hunstman and Nightshade, Blue Devil, and Ragman are all blinded by The Congregation, but the Shadowpact are still able to force The Congregation to retreat.

    They manage to cure their blinded teammates with help from Madame Xanadu. Enchantress gained the possession of the Herne-Ramsgate Cauldron from Nightwitch which gives the Shadowpact access to information on every magical creature in the DC Universe, while Detective Chimp and Nightmaster have studied tactical and superhero strategies in order to mold the Shadowpact into a better super team.

    They also worked with Checkmate and Sasha Bordeaux to stop Kobra and were told by Sasha that they will serve checkmate anytime they choose which angers Enchantress.

    Recently the Angel Zauriel joined the team after he was ordered to destroy Blue Devil who's popularity was causing people to want to be like him and make deals with Neron. However Zauriel believed that Blue Devil was a hero and after they fought took his place on the team while Blue Devil solved the problem himself. The Shadowpact were recently captured by Lord Meh. Nightmaster saved his time by throwing his sword through Lord Meh and stopping him from using his magical forcefield.

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    The Shadowpact of the "Smallville" continuity was an anti-occult unit during World War II. The known members were Felix Faust, Zatara and Mr. Bones, their commander. John Zatara left the unit after their first mission.

    The Shadowpact didn't appear in the series itself, but in the Smallville: Season Eleven comic books.


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